This is Shandean™

I realize this should probably have been my first blog post, but it’s better late than never right?

Let me introduce myself. I am Shandean, affectionately called Shan by friends and family members. I love to write, read and share. My blog has since evolved into my branding space, featuring pieces echoing my thought and creating a thought archive. It’s my creative outlet. My blog follows no one theme as I do not confine my creative space to any one topic. I am a wife, new mother,  a  Freelance Writer (Content, Business Plans & Proposals) | Business Planning Consultant | Blogger.


I just recently crossed into the age group bordering ‘late twenties’. I don’t know how I feel about this yet, because it seemed to happen so fast! I’m still dealing. Nevertheless… I confess to not being enthralled by a lot of things of my time. I don’t really care for the most recent music, fashion, entertainment nor trends. I’ll pick at them for those that suit my taste and personality but ultimately, a lot of today’s artistry is lost on me. I quite frequently wear the label of being ‘old’ or old-fashioned by those that know me best. I’m also a new mother.

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I’m Jamaican, born and raised. I like the beach, nature, new food, wine and restaurants. Quiet is how I would describe my life. I’m big on family and happiest at a family gathering. The most interesting thing about me, I’d say is my mind. My thoughts, the way I think. I often find it not parallel to the populus and is quite often on a totally different wavelength or tangent altogether. I don’t mind at all. I’ve a big heart and love hard, and sometimes a big mouth, but you’d never know it if we aren’t close. My morals are rigid. I believe in equality, on all fronts. I’m an introverted extrovert. Shy.

As the above would suggest, I am multifaceted, phenomenally woman, and with varied interests. If you happen here by chance, I hope you stay for the content.

I’m blogging because I have thoughts and viewpoints I want to share. I also like sharing experiences. I think it lends a little to one’s immortality. If I can help just one person by passing on information or wisdom, it will be worth it. Likewise, I like extracting the same from others.

This is me. This is Shandean.

Welcome to my space. Welcome to my blog.




  • Tony Single

    It is a pleasure to be here! 🙂

    • Shandean™

      Hi Tony. It’s great to have you! ☺

  • Anonymous

    👍🏾 Hi Shandean!!!

  • TinzRant

    Hey 🙂 look forward to reading your future post and viewpoints. I will stay tuned 🙂

    • Shandean™

      Hi there! Thanks for being here and sharing! ☺

  • Devon (noveddyoll)

    A breath of fresh air. Really a pleasure reading your blog /bio. Keep on writing.

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