Let’s Talk Career: My Freelancing Businesses

 Freelance Business

Once I decided that’s what I was going to do, I registered my freelance business, Shandean Williams-Reid Business Services through which I’m a business planning consultant, analyst and writer. I write business plans, do business analysis and planning, change management, and writing online articles, web content, and blogging. I started a business blog The Pocket Business Analyst and set up corresponding Instagram and Facebook pages, sharing all my articles and blogposts on all my social media platforms. Basically advertising my services everywhere I can get my hands on. I am also using this blog to facilitate my portfolio and as a reference, as I also do freelance writing.


 Freelance Ad Company 

While promoting my freelance services and looking for clients, mostly on the internet, it occurred to me that the Jamaican market for freelancers was severely underserved. Most companies only catered to the UK and the US. This inspired the birth of my company  Freelance JA Connection Network, which is an online platform designed to allow local freelancers to advertise their services for a small annual subscription fee. In addition, companies and entrepreneurs are also able to list jobs and projects that requires freelancers, allowing them to bring these individuals to them to apply for their projects.

Freelance JA is marketed to the Jamaican audience as the ‘go to’ website to find a freelancer of their choice. The listing, while catering primarily to marketing freelancers is also a space for tradesmen (makeup artists, mobile hair stylists, plumbers, event planners, etc.) to maximize in the opportunity in increase their  clientele as well. You can follow us on social media   (FacebookInstagram and Twitter) to keep up with deals, events and updates.




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