Storytime: The First Time I Got Drunk

You’re probably wondering why, but this blog post is a result of the article that will follow, 5 Red Wines For Beginners being written. During the course of writing, I wanted to share where my love for wine comes from, but I didn’t want to bother readers, who would come for the functionality of that article if they weren’t followers of my blog and didn’t care to know anything about me. So, I decided to share in a different blog post, rather than to mix the two. There’s certainly enough content to split, so here we are.

I hate rum. I realize that most people look at me funny when I say this, asking me what kind of Jamaican doesn’t like rum, but I genuinely despise the smell (especially white rum) and as far as I’m concerned the taste is foul. I drank it some in high school and college because it seemed like I was expected to, but it’s just bad. I eventually stopped and went over to Vodka, but after my first experience being drunk at 19 years old and the wretched, days long, hangover that followed because no-one (technically not true,  I was told and the friend who told me will know himself when he reads this, lol) told me, a certain green apple vodka was creeper and should NOT be had without a chaser no matter how good it tastes and how unaffected you feel; I prayed to God, Allah, Yaweh and every other known Being of Deity that if I ever felt better I would never, ever drink enough to be that drunk again. I have kept my promise.

Needless to say, it was years before I could even tolerate the smell of vodka without bringing to life the putrid smells and gut wrenching memories of not being able to eat for a week and being the butt joke of the family for it. (To my horror, my face was tooth-pasted and pictures taken while I wss comatose, but that’s a story for another day).

Funny Story: When I first told my husband that I was kinda liking him a little more than one should a friend, it was my birthday and I was buzzed. Now I had never initiated this sort of conversation with a guy and needed a little help, right? Because that takes balls. Do you know what this man did?!

He said “Hmm… tell me again when you don’t have liquid courage and we can talk about it.” That might have been the first time I wanted to wring his neck, particularly because he was dead serious and did make me repeat it sober. So much for the ‘help”, huh?

By the time, I ventured into that area of liquor again, it became apparent that alcohol was a trigger of my horrid, chronic migraines and was just not worth the headache (pun intended). So I tried wine, and to my delight I really could down a bottle and be nice (buzzed), without suffering a horrid hangover the next day. Of course, my tiny human has put a damper on any drinking for the past year or so, but she’s finally about to be six months old and I believe I can have my boobs back hassle free.

So there it is folks, a bit of chit-chat and sharing. Perhaps, you’ll share your with me too?




  • kemistkris

    How can you not like rum lol, that is my old faithful but you know me.

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