5 Red Wines For Beginners

I love wine. That is all. So today, I’m sharing five red wines for beginners. Red wine can be an acquired taste. While I do have a preference for sweet red wines myself,  and I’d say my least favourite red would be Cabernet Sauvignon as I don’t much care for dry wines. Never the less, I’ve tasted a few that are worth the hype. But I thought I’d share my favourite reds with you that were particularly easy as a beginner to like and ultimately fuelled my preference for red wine to any other. I still like white wines (excluding Chardonnays) and others but, red wine is Bae (I can’t believe I used that word in public, haha!)

5. Carlo Rossi California Red


Definitely the most economic of the five listed here, Carlo Rossi’s California Red is a medium sweet, medium dry. This is a good wine to try if you are stuck on Sweet Red’s and want to try others and fit’s great as a go between-er for say, Sweet Red’s to Merlots.

4. Barefoot Merlot

red wine for beginners

Barefoot is known for great tastes and being inexpensive. It’s Merlot is no exception. It’s a touch dry but not overbearingly so. That makes it a good choice for introduction to Merlots.

3. Barefoot Sweet Red

red wine fro beginners

I believe my first taste of red wine as an ‘adult’ buying my own wine was Barefoot Sweet Red. It was the first time I realized red wine could be taste that good. Not hard on the pocket and easy on the palette. It’s so good.

2. Lamothe Parrot Mellow Reserve


Lamothe Parrot is BAE #2. Beautifully rich, fruity and great tasting. If you haven’t tried this one yet, you’re missing out and this would be ideal if you have never tried red wine before.

1. Yellow Tail Sweet Red Roo

red wine for beginners

This baby is BAE #1. Everything that fuels my love for red wine is right here in this one. It’s sweet. fruity, vibrant and smooth. Let’s be honest, if you are planning a sexy night with your significant other, or seducing someone, THIS!

There you have it folks! A list of recommended red wines for beginners.

What are some of your favourite red wines?

Xo, Shan

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  • kemistkris

    Love, love, love. I for one don’t care too much for the Merlots. If you haven’t as yet try the Obikwa Red wine (I can’t remember which type it is) but the Trivento Sweet Malbec would probably be in this 5 for me.

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