‘Ownership’ above ‘Equal Rights’?

Hey there folks, it’s T(Tea/Trina) time! This week’s banter is again on a dancehall controversial subject. Dexta Daps and his short film, effectively erasing all thoughts and attention from the ‘Equal Rights’ hallabaloo, squashing its reign.

Thursday night, Mieann asked if we’d seen the Dexta Daps short film. We hadn’t and JoJo made reference to Dexta as the ‘Jamaican Trey Songs’ and that the video was a ‘must see’. (Interest peaked, right). Of course, though somewhat familiar with the name as a Ddancehall artiste, we (Shan & I) had no clue who he was. So early Friday morning when the antics started and another friend suggested same, we trekked on over to YouTube to see what the fuss was about. And F.U.S.S. it was!

The video wasn’t just raunchy, owing to the title and lyrics of the song ‘Owner’ but a downright depiction of sexual contact in one of its purest forms. Stark naked, legs mile high and red sea wide, the artist perched between them, rubbing, slapping, touching and grinding, with the accompaniment of all the requisite facial expressions.

I for one probably looked the picture I felt while watching, like my jaws were on the floor with my eyes glued to my phone. The entire time thinking, “is this woman in a relationship and if so, what’s her spouse’s take?”, because, boy, this woman needs to be discovered by Hollywood. Not only was her performance quite believable for the activities taking place, it leaves one to wonder… After an entire day in such a position, what happened at the end of it? Nothing? Really?

Let’s be real, as a woman, being in such a position and to have the end result be non-gratification, would leave me pissed. Then again, I don’t profess to be an actress. Can that be termed as being an actress? I would imagine any woman with any type of reservations would be uncomfortable in the nude before a stranger. This wasn’t just any old average, sex mimicking scene. Standing, Mr. Daps himself had a full view of her cervix if he cared to look. I suppose her gynecologist has no issues on that front (yes, pun fully intended).

We make several assumptions; This wasn’t just one stranger, it would be several to shoot the video and over the course of several hours. We assume that the artist is heterosexual, thus, leading us to assume the entire time (or at least part), to be faced with such glaring view while undergoing these sexually charged motions, would have resulted in an erection (or several).

The video has since been the butt of a few memes and jokes, obviously securing the end goal, views and attention to the video, song and artiste. However, it also secured much attention to the actress in all her glory and the pay grade (since highlighted through the casting call ad) of such an endeavor. One friend even posed the question: “A this Sam Sharpe and Nanny fight fa?”

What say you? Could you do it?

Until next time…


P.S. This post was written by my alter ego, Trina. I, Shandean will know not of what you speak if you mention it. 




  • drewkiercey

    “Dexta as the ‘Jamaican Trey Songs” Yass.
    Loved the video. Would never do it tho. Me nuh so brave.
    What I did not like is that the female was completely objectified, we saw everything and all we saw of Daps was the torso and boxers. Dat nuh right to me Trina #EqualRightsandJustice.

    — Bless

    • Shandean™

      You are so right regarding the ratio. Unfortunately, these are the double standards that exist!


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