Orgasms; Intense, Faked and… Non-Existent?

As you can tell by the working title, this is one for the grown and sexy, so you know what (who’s) time it is.

As is always the way, the topic came from an R-rated conversation about, you guessed it, sex. So then the conversation turned to orgasms. How some people feel energised (who are they? What kind of life is this?), some people feel soul-less and some people, pretty much feel dead after them. And then… there are the sad souls who have never experienced one.

We most often see the ‘click click, pow!’ modest type of orgasm portrayed around us in movies and the like. Not too boring, not too exciting. But never the kind that requires your partner to all but shovel you up from the spot, or put you out with potency akin to that of Nyquil. All too often though, is bright and sunny, skippy morning person after sex. These are the people that elicit one thought… ‘You didn’t cum hard enough or enough times.

Two Kinds of WomenFB-This-Is-Why-Most-Women-Actually-Moan-Or-Make-Noise-During-Sex

Nevertheless, I’ve always been curious about two kinds of women, those who have to essentially ‘help themselves’ across the finish line (before or after, I dunno) every time and those women of 20+, 30+, 40+ and even 50+ years who have never experienced an orgasm.

So I have a few questions. I mean, no offence, but if you had sex and didn’t have an orgasm, did you really even do the dirty? What’s the point of it, really? How does it work? You’re just done when the man is done? What if you’re done before? How do you know? Doesn’t it feel like the end of a joy ride with no fireworks? A fizzle where there was supposed to be a bang? Aren’t you angry at the end? (These are legit questions by the way so if you have answers, shoot me a message or comment, lol!)

I guess I understand that women have different needs in the area of stimulation to orgasm. For example, some may not have an orgasm from penetration but do from oral or clitoral stimulation. That’s understandable, needing your kicks in different ways. But when the kick is actually no kick at all or it has to be by yourself…? I’m not judging, I just really wonder.


Fake It Til You Make It

I also want to know how the man’s ego take it? Are they fine with it, or are there more than a few faked ‘Big- O’s’ in there? I know there are probably  (I have no working reference of this nature) many men who are so preoccupied with their own pleasure the can’t tell if a woman has reached her climax. I suspect these men are given the Fake-O quite often. Perhaps the woman then runs off the ‘real owner’ to get her wires uncrossed.  It would seem, that a lot of women have at one time or another faked an orgasm.

I’ve known someone to actually do this. She would always need to see the Joe Grind (Bunnaman, Not The Owner, Ants in the Milk Man, Jim Screechie, you get the point) immediately after sex with this one particular guy she was seeing. Her reason, his (the supposed owner) sex was like foreplay, it turned her on, but always failed to turn her off. What a shame! 


It would seem like faking is the best solution. How you explain to your partner that they don’t have what it takes to make you cum or satisfy you? After all, no matter how such a thing is dressed up, that is the basic essence of what it is, isn’t it?

A woman once said she faked an orgasm with a feeble “Sigh”, because for all intents and purposes, she was simply done with the encounter.

Another woman said when she faked an orgasm, the attempt was so poor that he well deserved it for believing it.

Tanya Stephens said “Have You Ever Wondered Wah Mek A Gal Cum, A Woman First Fi Satisfy before You Say You Done.”

Tanya Stephens -Yuh Nuh Ready Fi Dis Yet

Anyway, Mi gone!

Xo, Trina

P.S. This post was written by my alter ego, Trina. I, Shandean will know not of what you speak if you mention it. 



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