Book Review: Make a Killing With Content – Lacy Boggs

Title: Make A Killing With Content

Author: Lacey Boggs

Publication Date: 2016

Purchase Place & Price: Kindle, US$0.99

This is a rather short review. It’s meant to be to the point. I purchased this e-Book on Kindle a few months ago and what I never expected was to be pulled in by the author’s tone and content.

The entire tone of the book is informal, a friendly conversation giving advice and perspective on the need for and ways to go about constructing a content strategy. It makes it much easier for the information to be digested and keep turning the page, as not only is the information invaluable, the way in which it is socially displayed is intriguing. There are no cumbersome terms and acronyms and where they appear, jargons etc. are explained.

All in all, I loved the book and if you are looking for a book from a content expert that will help you hone your own skills and garner some knowledge on content without breathing the bank, then this book is exactly what you need. It’s worth the purchase. Remember to invest in yourself!

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