23:59 on Twenty Seventeen (2017)

This is it! With just a few short days to go, we’ve arrived at the end of 2017. It’s been a good if very quiet year learning to be Mommy and projecting myself into the world of freelance work, lots of learning and growing and I believe, a stronger sense of maturity and who I am.

Personal Life

I’ve been attending a very lovable, tiny person as her appearance changes the dynamics of my marriage and home life in general. Tiny person, major influence(s) and chain reactions.” (Two Thousand Sixteen: The Year That Was).

The above statement is as ever true now as it was a year ago. Watching her grow and learn, watching he personality shine through, I fall in love with her constantly. She is just the most wonderful child… My husband and I have settled somewhat into a comfortable routine, but I’m ready to shake it off for new and exciting things to come for 2018. We didn’t go on vacation or go anywhere really, we didn’t do anything adventurous. Sio is still young but not too young to stop us now, so here we go!


Self Improvement & Personal Growth

Originally, I wanted to have started my master’s by now, but I haven’t. I have, however, been certified to teach English as a second language, learned a lot and developed skills for content strategy and writing and is in the process of teaching myself a little graphic design and improved on my marketing, social media management and freelancing strategy to facilitate my business.  Hope to cement it further in 2018 with certification somehow.growth

More than a few opportunities have been tossed my way, as I mentioned in my last blog post  Freelancing: One Year Update. Actually, now that I am looking at it, 2017 may not be as dry as I may have thought.


I didn’t write as much as I would have liked some areas, and more in others.

I have started writing a book! It’s about halfway done and I suppose I’m having a bit of writer’s block. I am aiming to finish it in 2018. I feel the jitter that tells me I’m going to enjoy what’s to come in the year ahead and I’m so ready!!


I made no resolutions last year and I will make a few for this one. I want to make promises to myself and hold myself to them. So nothing outlandish, all achievable if I put my head into it. Goal.

So for the coming year, I want to publish at least 3 blog posts each week my personal blog and at least one to two per my business blog so I’m going to do a blog calendar. Yup! Wanting to write 156 blogs at least for the new year the former and about 52 for the latter as well as re-branding. In fact, I have already started. I am sharing because I want to publicly hold myself to my word.

I am resolving to drink more water like I used to. So look out for possible water challenges.

I want to take more risks, try new experiences, take a course and travel more. In list format it looks like this:

  1. Write more blogs
  2. Rebrand for freelancing
  3. Try more new things
  4. Take a course
  5. Drink more water
  6. Travel wore
  7. Finish my book
  8. Treat myself more

See? Nothing too outlandish.

Will you be making resolutions? Will you share them?





  • Yesss siree. My friend and I committed to 1) drinking more water, 2) going to bed latest 12am (we set some exceptions like exams, or if we’re out for whatever reason or another), 3) all electronic use cut-off at 11pm to inspire us to use the extra hour before bed for reading books, novels, scripture etc., 4) 30min activity a day.. any kind so yoga, jump rope, stretches etc. and 5) only one serving of sugar for the day (e.g. a sweetened drink, soda, pastry, etc.) Cheers for 2018! 🥂

    • Shandean™

      I love those! I might adopt some. 🍷🍾 Here’s to following thru!

  • Colette Strauss

    Shandean please look forward to me telling you about teaching Jon how to cook one meal every week!

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