Cleaning Favorites – The Jamaican Edition Pt 1

Hey guys! I thought I’d do something a little bit different with this blog and share household items and products I’ve been loving and using for some time now. I’d been on a YouTube dry spell for while and as I catch up the other day, I realized I am really into house decor and all that. I also have a growing excitement when I go to the store and spot really cute, chic household pieces that are for decorating. (Old age, is that you?)

If you are enjoying these things too, beware Fontana pharmacies/stores. They usually have some really nice pieces. It’s on the pricier side, but you wont care cause the things are really nice. Last year, I got the cutest wall stickers for Sio’s bedroom and it was such small thing but made a huge difference.

As an extension of this interest I’ve developed over the last few years, even if I’m unable to indulge at the moment, I’ve been really enjoying ‘Clean with me’ videos and the like, particularly enjoying the ones from two of my favourite YouTubers; Nitraa B and Styled by Casanova. My sister-in-law fully judges me for this. Aaanduh! You should see my Pinterest lately! Welp!

Back to my original thought (as you can see, my head takes on different thoughts in a minute), which is sharing some of the ride or die products that absolutely do not escape the cart to my house during grocery shopping. For this post, I’ll do cleaning products.


I’m starting here because to tell you the truth, after over decade living in Kingston, I’m still just no used to the amount of dirt and dust that floats around in the air and as a result, the house. To make matters worse, in the last few years, construction is pretty much every day life and you can easily clean your house from top to bottom at the break of dawn, and find dust bunnies by sunset. After a week? Forget about it. Those things are ready to start hopping around your damn house and ask for carrots! Most of the time I keep the place locked up, but well… summer! Plus, now I have a toddler who roams, crawls, lays and does everything under the sun on the floor. So here are some of the things I swear by.

This one cleans everything even though it says bathroom. I will use it on the floor for tough grease stains around the stove as well. Shower curtains, and its very handy to just spray a couple o minutes before your shower, then hop in and clean away. Easy peasy.

This baby cleans EVERYTHING. Did I say EVERYTHING?? I mean everything. Crayons, pencil, dirt on walls, light switches kitchen back splash and floor grease. Everything!

This bleach block helps to keep the toilet clean and fresh smelling between cleans. You will definitely notice a difference when you use it and it doesn’t have the godawful blue stains that that the dyed ones leave.

I’ve been hooked on this thing since college! Kills germs, fresh scent and is awesome for quick surface cleans.

Yes! I still wipe my house with fabuloso! Just a likkle tip in the water when wiping. Makes a world of difference!

I’m also a fan of bleach to wash dishes and cleans everything in and around the house. Of course I use other toilet bowl cleaners and such, but I’m not too particular. If you have any cleaning favorites, drop them in the comments!

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