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One of my favourite authors, Eric Jerome Dickey died this week. It came as a shock to me and I truly felt it as a loss to the literary industry. I’ve been reading his work for the better part of two decades, long before I had any right as a young teenager. That said, I felt compelled to take the opportunity to pay homage in my own way, by sharing some of my favourite authors with you guys. There are authors and then, there are authors. Those that send tingles down your spine. Those, whose words you crave to read. If I don’t get that when I read a novel, I’on want it.

Long before I was a writer or an author myself, I’ve been bookworm and reader. Fiction being my vice; Romance and Mystery topping my preference list. I’ve been consuming wonderfully structured words that played my imagination for all its worth since I can remember and enjoyed series in my earlier years like Sweet Valley Twins (My childhood (favourite number one), Hardy Boys (number 2) and Nancy Drew to name a few. Like most fiction readers, I went on to rip waves through Mills and Boon publications. Leave a novel careless around me and find it read.

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Shandean Reid

As a teenager, I used to hide and read adult confession magazines at school with my friends, even daring to take one home from time to time. At around fourteen, I read my first erotic novel and my life changed. I’ve read thousands of novels by this point in my life. So much so, that quite often a memory is blurred and I can’t remember whether I read the storyline or saw it on a screen. However, some authors, when you get a taste of their work, you have to go through their catalogue. Since I’m sure you only carved out a few minutes though, here are my top five favourite authors in no particular order. But let’s start with Dickey in tribute. I’ll share some book titles too, but don’t worry, no spoilers here.

1. Eric Jerome Dickey

The first novel by Dickey I read was ‘The Other Woman.’ That book was an eye opening take-in for a teenager. I went on to read everything I could find that he wrote, but my absolute favorites are ‘Sleeping with Strangers ’, it’s sequel ‘Waking with Enemies’ I could share more but, you know.

2. Zane

Remember how I said I read my first erotic novel at about fourteen. Yes ma’am! It was Zane. And she got her claws in me deep. My first read of her catalog was ‘Afterburn’ and it remains my favourite of her work. I’m one of those people that have been waiting like hell, for what was supposed to be ‘Afterburn 2’ but it’s been decades, so I think it’s fair to say it not coming. I’ve given Zane’s catalog a fair shake too, with titles like ‘Nervous’, ‘The Sex Chronicles.’, ‘Addicted’ and ‘Shame on it all.’ coming up as my favorites. Miss Zane brings the heat!

3. Johanna Lindsey

Unfortunately, Johanna Lindsey died in 2019, after churning out 50+ novels over her career. For me, she is that author that I must read anything she puts out. It never disappoints. Her work taught me about the Monarchy, aristocrats and historical society in countries like France, Scotland in the UK. Some of them cover the Wild West in America with 17th and 18th century setting.?My first read of her work was ‘You Belong to Me.’ Which remains my number one favourite book in historical romance fiction. For me, it’s that novel you read over and over every few years and enjoy it just as much. I’ve burned through all Johanna Lindsey novels. Other favourites are ‘Captive Bride’, ‘Defy Not the Heart’ and ‘Savage Thunder.’ And because we can’t be here all day, let’s move on.

4. Jackie Collins

‘Lucky’s Revenge.’ That’s was my first Jackie Collins, That book consumed me for days, and I’m one of those readers that start a book tonight and if it’s good, and a couple of hundred pages, I can be finished in a few hours. That book primed me on love, murder, Hollywood, business, you name it. So like all good love stories, of course, I had to seek out her other novels. My favourites from her in addition to ‘Lucky’s Revenge’ are ‘Lucky’ ‘Goddess of Vengeance’ and ‘The Stud’. Jackie Collins books have all the sauce!

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5. Adrienne Basso

Miss Basso is a historical romance author. She also captured my attention in one read ‘Intimate Betrayal’. I sought out her work after that and found ‘No Other Highlander’, ‘The Highlander who Loves Me’ to be among my favourites as I truly enjoy when historical fiction novels are very well written.

I can only hope my novels invoke the satisfaction and spark the imagination of my readers. Who knows, maybe one day, I will make to someone else’s list as one of their favourite authors. What about you guys? Are you readers? What are your favourite genres? Share some of your favourite authors in the comments.

Xo, Shan

Shandean Reid

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