60+ Blogmas Post Ideas – A Bloggers Guide

Let’s talk about Blogmas Post Ideas! I know, I know. It’s only September. I’m not crazy, I promise. December 2020 was my first year participating in Blogmas. It was truly a joy that helped me fall in love with blogging all over again, but it was also a very last-minute decision. I also paired it with my first attempt at Vlogmas (also last minute) and it was great. To all my new subscribers who joined us between Blogmas 2020 and throughout 2021, you’re in for a treat.

You might wonder if this post is premature, but I don’t think so. It’s already September, which is basically October and therefore basically Christmas. Ha! Can you tell I’m already making Sorrel and that I’m one of those people who decorate early and take them down late?

No shame in my game.

What is Blogmas?

If you’ve never heard of Blogmas, no judgement. It is an advent calendar of sorts for bloggers. You challenge yourself to post throughout the month of December up until Christmas. There are a few ways to participate in Blogmas, but the most popular are:

  • 12 Posts
  • 25 Posts

12 Days Of Blogmas

I posted 12 posts in December overall, but you’re really supposed to post the 12 days leading up to Christmas.

You can also post alternate days up till Christmas, which should give you 12 posts. This was how I did it last year as a first-timer. I didn’t even really do it right.

It’s the easiest way to participate and as a newbie, I thought it wise to try that one out first.

Daily Blogmas Posting

I feel like this is the big leagues and is the most popular way of doing Blogmas. You post by posting a blog post every day for the month until Christmas. 

If you’re a blogger who doesn’t blog full-time/daily, you know it’s a big ask. Personally, this time around I’m gunning for it. Last Blogmas was a last-minute decision for me. As you can tell, this year, I’m all decided beforehand and prepared. Which is why I can now help you.

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Is it Blogmas Worth It?

It may depend on your goals for your blog but for the most part, yes! Absolutely! Participating in Blogmas is not only fun, it generates a lot of traffic (if you’re practising SEO, and you should be). For me more than half the year’s numbers ( Ps. I wasn’t blogging weekly). There is nothing better than ending one year and starting another with a boost in traffic. Traffic lulls will come, it’s an opportunity to capitalize on the boom.

My approach was to mix Festive with Lifestyle content I thought was relevant. This strategy is the one I will use again.

You should also bear in mind some of your hood stuff (posts) will be too fresh to generate traffic immediately. As bloggers though, we know the race is not for the swift.

How to Plan a Successful Blogmas

The whole point of Blogmas is to challenge yourself and have fun while giving your blog a boost. As I said, last year, I didn’t have a plan and pretty much prayed for daily inspiration. This year, I am prepared. In fact, my calendar is about 75% complete. For one thing, I won’t have the time to write every day in December. Also, I needed new ideas that are in line with my niche. I don’t want to go super crazy just because.

Here are some tips to help you plan a successful Blogmas, yourself.

1. Plan to Committ

It’s work. You’ll still be doing research, looking up keywords and going by your own blogging content strategy, finding and creating images, etc. So keep that in mind when you decide to commit. Especially if you’re going to tell your followers you’re doing it. Try to stand on work and commit to the process.

2. Plan Ahead

Success favours preparation. Think about the kind of posts you want to do, the topics, and plans, write and schedule them ahead of time.

3. Mix and Match Blogmas Topics

If you decide on Blogmas, all your posts needn’t be about holiday central topics.

Personally, my opinion is 25 blog posts about the holidays from all the blogs I follow would bound to cause overlapping on topics and a general decrease in content quality.

It’s easier to get away with posting all festive topics for the 12 days Blogmas, but I wouldn’t encourage it for the 25 days. The only exception to that is food bloggers. You absolutely should be dropping recipe after recipe. Otherwise, it’s good to mix it up a bit. But remember, just my opinion.

4. Network, Network, Network

Yes, I mean with other bloggers. A ton of Blogmas success has to do with the new blogs you discover and bloggers who will discover yours. Don’t be selfish. Support other blogs you enjoy by reading, sharing and commenting as much as you can. You won’t get everyone’s every post, but it should be on your list of things to do.

64 Blogmas Post Ideas


  1. Photo Post of Your City during Holidays
  2. Your Favorite Christmas Movies
  3. Share Your Favorite Holiday Books
  4. Christmas Portrait Ideas
  5. Share DIY Holiday Projects
  6. Why Christmas is your Favorite Holiday
  7. Charities to Support this Holiday Season
  8. Small Businesses to Support this Holiday Season
  9. Holiday Travelling Advice
  10. Snow Day Activities

Home and Decor

  1. Christmas Tree Decoration
  2. Favorite Holiday Home Scents
  3. Holiday Candle Collection Haul/Review
  4. Ways to Avoid the Holiday Rush
  5. Share Your Christmas Dinner Menu
  6. How to/Decorate with Me for Christmas
  7. Holiday Decor Best Finds
  8. Childhood Christmas Memories
  9. Winter Cleaning Hacks
  10. New Year Organizing/Storage Tips


  1. Gift Guides for Family and Friends
  2. Share Your Christmas Wishlist
  3. Last Minute Gift Ideas
  4. Budget Gift Ideas
  5. Share Last year’s Gifts
  6. A Gift Wrapping Tutorials

Food, Culture and Holiday

  1. A Traditional [Your Culture] Christmas Day
  2. Christmas in [Your Home Town/City]
  3. Holiday Cocktails Recipes
  4. Christmas Cookie Recipes
  5. Dinner Side Dish Recipes
  6. Sauce Recipes
  7. Family Christmas Traditions
  8. Favorite Christmas Desserts
  9. Holiday Dinner Leftover Tradition

Fashion and Beauty

  1. Share Your Family Portraits
  2. Holiday Makeup Looks
  3. Winter Wardrobe Essentials
  4. Winter Fashion Looks
  5. Holiday Skincare Favorites
  6. Festive Nail Looks
  7. Holiday Body Scents
Blogmas post topics

Blog Related

  1. Welcome to Blogmas
  2. Blogmas Post Ideas
  3. Critic/Audit Your Own Blog’s Performance
  4. New Year Blog Goals
  5. Share Blogs Enjoyed in Previous Year
  6. Highlight other Bloggers participating in Blogmas
  7. Share Posts with Most Views
  8. Give Blogging Advice
  9. Share Why You Don’t Celebrate The Holdidays
  10. Do a Holiday Tag

Reflection and Goals

  1. Year in Review/Reflection
  2. A Gratitude Post
  3. New Year Life Goals Bucket List
  4. New Year Reading List/Challenge
  5. Reading List for the past year
  6. New Year Resolutions/Why you don’t Make Them
  7. Share your New Year Vision Board
  8. Review Your Old Vision Board

Personal Finance

  1. Holiday budget/Saving Tips
  2. New Year Saving Challenge/Tips
  3. Bargain/Sale Tips

I really do hope this advice and list of Blogmas post ideas gives you the juice you’re looking for to get involved in Blogmas this year.

Are you a blogger? Do you plan to participate in Blogmas this year? Did I traumatize you with the timing if this post? Let me know in the comments!

Xo, Shandean

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  • trinimomindmiddle

    I plan to take a crack at it this year so thanks for this! Finger crossed!

  • Erin

    Hi Shandean, I’m hoping to join in on Blogmas this year. I did 12 days of Blogmas last year with posting each week. I really liked it. Hoping to get a jump start on Blogmas this year. Thank you for the ideas 😀🎄

    • Shandean Reid

      Hi Erin! You’re welcome. Definitely try to do it and don’t forget to check in during!.

      • Erin

        Okie dokie 😀🎄❄🎅

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