Hi! I’m Shandean, a Jamaican millennial mom and lifestyle content creator Lifestyle Entrepreneur. I am married to a Radiologist, I’m a multidisciplinary writer, blogger and business planning consultant who does it all from home while raising a little one.

My Story

In 2016, I was pregnant with my daughter and did the unthinkable (to me), decided to be a homemaker full-time. Although I always dreamed of being a mom, a baby growing inside me brought some very real decisions forward for me. I realized that I wanted whatever career I chose to allow me the perks of being a stay at home mom (SAHM), with the sanity of an engaged mind and ability for self-sufficiency.

I knew my list was unusual (at the time) for a young Jamaican graduate with no digital presence nor social media experience and no network at all. All I had to my name was a degree in Entrepreneurship, a bit of customer service experience and my husband for support.


I started my blog in June 2016, as a way to stay occupied while my husband pursued his graduate degree. I shared my musings on pregnancy and the newness of motherhood. A year later, I began freelance writing, learning all about blogging or business, content strategy and social media management.

I’ve since started this journey on my blog an influencer. It enables me to do what I love, writing and finding contentment in sharing.

Writer, Editor, Author

I later decided that wasn’t for me, and tried again to start a digital business as a business writer (and succeeded) specialising in business plans and eventually headed into the direction of business writing projects. Here I found an interest in Communications and even I wrote and independently published a fiction book on business plan writing and novel in 2018!

Serial Sharer

Years in, I have tons to share on my journey involving a millennial lifestyle, motherhood, marriage, lifestyle entrepreneurship and how I’ve made it work thus far with a baby on my hip. I write about my love of family and motherhood, documenting + lifestyle tips, hacks, review products and share experiences.

There are dozens of ways to collaborate, work with and even teach me! Check out my Media Kit or shoot me a message.

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