Hi! I’m Shandean, a Jamaican millennial mom and lifestyle content creator Lifestyle Entrepreneur. I am married to a Radiologist, I’m a multidisciplinary writer, blogger and business planning consultant who does it all from home while raising a little one.

My Story

In 2016, I was pregnant with my daughter and did the unthinkable (to me), decided to be a homemaker full-time. Although I always dreamed of being a mom, a baby growing inside me brought some very real decisions forward for me. I realized that I wanted whatever career I chose to allow me the perks of being a stay at home mom (SAHM), with the sanity of an engaged mind and ability for self-sufficiency.

I knew my list was unusual (at the time) for a young Jamaican graduate with no digital presence nor social media experience and no network at all. All I had to my name was a degree in Entrepreneurship, a bit of customer service experience and my husband for support.


I started my blog in June 2016, as a way to stay occupied while my husband pursued his graduate degree. I shared my musings on pregnancy and the newness of motherhood. A year later, I began freelance writing, learning all about blogging or business, content strategy and social media management.

Writer, Editor, Author

I later decided that wasn’t for me, and tried again to start a digital business as a business writer (and succeeded) specialising in business plans and eventually started a business writing agency, Shandean Reid & Co. and a Lifestyle and Culture Newsletter/Magazine, But First, Coffee. I wrote a fiction book for my business and independently published a novel in 2018!

Serial Sharer

Years in, I have tons to share on my journey involving a millennial lifestyle, motherhood, marriage, lifestyle entrepreneurship and how I’ve made it work thus far with a baby on my hip. I write about my love of family and motherhood, documenting and sharing entrepreneurship + lifestyle tips, hacks, review products and share experiences.

There are dozens of ways to collaborate, work with and even teach me! Check out my Media Kit or shoot me a message.

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