Hey there, I’m Shandean. I am a millennial Jamaican in the Greater Toronto Area who started this blog as ‘just something to do’ while BBP (Barefoot, Bored and Pregnant). As my belly and my family grew, this slice of heaven did too; from a personal blog to a lifestyle one. I’ve shared experiences, life lessons and the realness of being a first-time mom, stay-at-home millennial parent and physician’s wife.

I’m barely functional without the kick of at least four cups of caffeine daily. (Don’t judge, I felt that eye twitch). Perfection does not live here, but figure-out-iveness and gratitude does. (P.S. You’re not crazy; I totally made that up.)

Since the blog’s launch in 2016, I’ve shared my seasons making house a home, starting a business, a writing career and publishing my debut novel while being transparent and passing on the good finds to you, my readers and women like me.

In this season, after being a stay-at-home mom for five years, I am a postgraduate communications student focusing on my career while hubby takes over the home-making reigns with his full time job as we juggle two households. This should be interesting.

10 Quick Facts About Me

I love coffee! I am very straightforward and the queen of ‘I said what I said and I’ll say it again‘. I am a Leo on the Zodiac calendar, the eldest child among four amazing sisters, my favorite movie is 12 Angry Men, 1956 and I am happiest on Christmas Day in a living room filled with faces I love. I love sunsets. I still prefer paperback novels, 80s, 90s and early 2000s music. My family, the one I created and the one I am from are my anchors.

I’ve always loved reading and writing, so being here feels like a juncture designed by fate. If this content is up your ally, I hope you’ll consider subscribing and commenting from time to time.

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