The business plan is essentially a blueprint of the planning process and is documentary evidence that planning for the business venture has occurred.” – Shandean WR.


The Process

As a seasoned Business Plan Writer, I welcome the opportunity to capitalize on and challenge my core strengths by spearheading client-focused initiatives and preparing investor and “action-ready” business plans to match your vision.


Whether your business is already operational and you need a business plan or strategy to match your operations and vision, let me bring your business model to life in a document.


Service Listing includes:

  1. Business Plan:
    • Writing
    • Updating
    • Reviewing
  2. Business Planning Consulting
  3. Business Plan Writing Training Workshop
  4. Business Strategy Analysis & Consultation
    • Marketing Strategy & Planning
    • Organizational Structure
    • Operational Advising
  5. Elevator Pitch & Pitch Deck Preparation
  6. Project Management:
    • Writing
    • Strategy & Execution


  • Length: 5 to 20 pages
  • Format: PDF & Word
  • Duration: 15 Business Days
  • Financials: 2 years + Preformatted Excel Templates
  • Revisions: 1 Round

**Subject to plan Specifications