My Foundations (Drugstore)

For a black woman of the tropics myself, wearing a full face of makeup daily is an absolute no-no. I just can't do it. But most days, what does make it is at least a coat of foundation. I am a matte loving creature. If it's matte or smoky, give it to me please, all day everyday... … Continue reading My Foundations (Drugstore)

First Pregnancy Series: Pregnancy, Skincare & I

"Beauty is skin deep". Yes, yes it is. It would appear ny pregnancy pieces are all bout phenomenons I found shocking and/or enlightening throughout my journey. Nevertheless, here's a bit of information on an impressively important aspect, Skincare. For us first timers in this pregnancy business, (well for me at least), skincare is of grave … Continue reading First Pregnancy Series: Pregnancy, Skincare & I