The business model of your business is the structure that you plan to use to generate revenues. Choosing the right business model for your product or service is instrumental in capturing your business’ true revenue generation potential by extending product reach. It is important to also mention that many businesses employ several different business models, either separately or in unison to facilitate several revenue streams.


As this year comes to a close, I am reminded of everything that I have been able to accomplish, both individually and as a part of an amazing and supportive behind-the-scenes team. We sincerely would like to thank you, our clients, suppliers, supporters and partners who have made 2018 an incredible year of growth, successes and realized opportunities for us, and by extension my brand.

animated-thank-you-png-for-powerpoint-copyright-2018-animations-media-960Each project was a challenge and a phenomenal success – thanks to your vision and commitment, often requiring clarity and an extension of skills that has served as a catalyst for improvement, change and innovation. I will treasure the experience as well as the lessons.

I am especially grateful for your flexibility, patience and the opportunity to have served you in the past year and towards continued partnerships in 2019.

Please do not hesitate to let me know how I can improve on your service experience.

With that, my team and I wish for you a wonderful holiday season filled with good feelings and a prosperous and successful 2019!.

Yours in good spirits,

Shandean Reid
Business Plan Consultant & Author


When Instagram announced a few weeks ago that it would be updating the app to allow for hour-long videos, the social media community (myself included) was very sceptical. However, the feature launch of IGTV for content creators have set the industry abuzz since the release.

IGTV was released earlier today as a feature accessible inside the Instagram app, as well as a stand-alone app available free for iOS and Android devices.

The One Billion users strong community continues to gain traction, as regular forms of media become less favourable to millennials.

The Implications

This development will bring to a head the direct competition between YouTube and Instagram.

Influencers will have the opportunity to build and interact with their audience from a single platform. At a time when changes in the algorithms force business accounts to spend on advertising to increase their reach, Instagram has now offered the ability to extend that reach.

Content strategists have been aware for some time that video content has a greater value in terms of reach and interaction, yet, are somewhat expensive to create. IGTV is now giving even more power to the smart phone, empowering smaller content creators and splitting open the market for new entrants.


Of course, the IGTV is still fresh on the market and doesn’t feature ads just yet. But we know it is coming. Until then, there is much to discover and harness from it from a brand-building perspective.

As Instagram continues to expand, we have seen the consistent growth of the community and consequently, influence.

It is hoped that the local market (Jamaica) understands the implications and that small business who have been lagging will take the steps necessary to build upon and improve wholesome digital strategies.

“It’s painful how slowly the Jamaican market, particularly corporate Jamaica is reacting to the digital market. Traditional forms of media and advertising are still preferable to corporate companies, despite the fact that primary target audiences converge in millions on digital platforms” said Shandean Reid, Freelance Business Planner & Content Strategist.

“Clients tend to ask what platform is my favourite and why. My answer has always been Instagram. The opportunities and potential are staggering, and the market continues to grow daily. This proves it. I’m excited!” Reid continues.

The definition of content strategy can be loose to define, and that primarily accounts for the lack of definitions one may find laying around the web. Ergo, definitions are scarce and will differ, however, they will unify in some way. Here is my definition.

“The holistic development, organization, distribution and maintenance of content to support a brand’s business model or campaign.” (Williams-Reid, 2018)

However, simplistic, this definition captures what content strategy is. It assumes the role as the “brand’s voice”. As suggested in the definition, a content strategy may be used as support for an entire business or brand, or just for a project or campaign.

The content is planned, created, scheduled, and used to empower a business’ position in achieving its goals through content marketing, enabling the company to improve and sustain its position in the industry. BrandingThe strategy shapes the brand’s identity, setting it apart from its competitor’s or simply, positions the brand as the go-to name in the industry by strengthening credibility.  Thus, the content created to support the business goals must speak in unison to the business’ values, tones and perspectives.

Content Strategy vs Content Marketing Strategy

A content strategy is not a content marketing strategy. They do, however, walk hand in hand. The content marketing strategy is used to share the produce of the content strategy. You can produce a mindblowing content strategy and it never reached the heights of its potential or it’s intended audience without the right supporting content marketing.A New Design

The content strategy encompasses the types of content to be created (images, videos, infographics, emails, ebooks, etc.). The strategy also considers the usefulness to the audience and who the content is created for, the best types of content for each platform included and the schedule on which said content may be distributed.

The End Goal

Deliverables from content marketing effort and ultimately the conversion rate from same determines the success rate of a content strategy.  If the content does not in the long or short term increase the conversion rate and set apart the brand in its industry, it has failed and at the very least requires revision. The content strategy is aligned to achieve the business’ goals.




Social Media provides one of the biggest benefits today to creating a brand. Its multifaceted nature and far-reaching capabilities provide a business or person with opportunities to maximise on creating their brand. Image, customer service and interaction, PR and social culture are just a few of the features of your business that can be cultivated through an online presence. We can examine a few aspects of your brand that social media can best portray and how to use them to your advantage.