The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution + Skin Update

Hey guys! So this is a quick chemical peel review and skin update. So you guys know my skin’s been doing the most, right? Manual exfoliation has been too much on my skin so I’m now using this peeling solution. It's The AHA 30% + 2% Peeling Solution by The Ordinary company. It’s been over … Continue reading The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution + Skin Update

What A Year, 2018

I would lament on the fact that the year all but raced away, but I think we're all very aware of it already. The past year has been amazing. I’ve accomplished most of what I set out to do in some areas and exceeded my plans in others. Above all, I felt like ME again. … Continue reading What A Year, 2018

JAMAICA: Royal Decameron Cornwall Beach REVIEW

My Birthday (August 9) weekend was a really full and busy time. My novel came out that day, and the stress of the months leading up was really wearing me thin. So when my husband asked what I wanted for my birthday and we happened to be driving by the Royal Decameron Cornwall Beach at … Continue reading JAMAICA: Royal Decameron Cornwall Beach REVIEW

Life & Marriage Update

Hey, guys! I know you can tell I have not been around WordPress as much as we would like, but you also know why. My book launch is drawing nigh and I really am just trying to stay afloat with everything. Between Siobhán, my book, the launch and making some family moves, I'm wishing there was … Continue reading Life & Marriage Update

Siobhàn – The Story of Her Name

The one question I can now count on daily is someone asking the pronunciation of my daughter's name, the origin and the meaning. There's also the severely funny look we get when we provide her name to someone unfamiliar. Usually, if her name is to be provided for writing, I automatically begin by spelling it, … Continue reading Siobhàn – The Story of Her Name

I Won’t Go Natural

Over the past few years, the natural hair movement has dominated quite a bit. I am here for it. As ever, my little country, Jamaica has been pushing boundaries on the international stage regarding what's acceptable as beautiful hair. I am here for it! A few shining examples are the recent Miss Jamaica Universe, Davina … Continue reading I Won’t Go Natural