Family First (After God). Without exception. This is non-negotiable. I’m from a fairly large family. My immediate family is my husband, my daughter and I, but, I’m the first of four girls my parents have and we are an extension of twin grandparents, and great grandparent who were quite… generous in their lineage distribution activities.

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In addition to the plethora of cousins, aunts, uncles, great aunts/uncles, I have been raised in a closely knitted family existence. I have three sisters (five if you count the two I gained through marriage) and one thing that has been bred loud and strong is FAMILY FIRST. So it’s no surprise how strongly I feel about family, nor how reminiscent this particular value stands in the family I myself created. I particularly enjoy being a wife and mother and building a life that includes these two.. My family is my happy place. They are… home.