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how to write a business plan

My career started when I learned how to write a business plan during my degree and learned I was really good as producing top their plans. My career as a business plan writer in 2014 as a side hustle to my part-time called centre job. It wasn’t very successful. I had no online presence and hadn’t yet learned to utilize the internet and social media as a business tool.

In 2017, I started learning about marketing myself as a blogger and freelance writer. I leveraged that knowledge to build my business, Shandean Reid & Co., a business writing consulting agency. With time my competence and qualifications grew, I wrote the Business Plan Pocket Guide: A Practical Step-by-Step Guide to Writing Business Plans as a tool to guide small business owners and individuals to hone the skills needed to write their own useful and functional standard business plans.

If you need help with planning your business, documenting and/or guidance on how you too can become a business plan writer, join my community. For access to Freebies, eBooks, checklists, one-on-one coaching/consulting sessions, premium content and classes/courses, get on the list!

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