Business Plan Pocket Guide eBook


The Business Plan Pocket Guide is a business plan book by Shandean Reid for anyone who wants to know how to write a good business plan. It was designed to help the non-professional to write business plans for startups, written by experienced, professional business plan writer and consultant. This full guide eBook isn’t just a book, but a tool that teaches through explanations, tips and realistic examples for maximum understanding and corresponding output results.

Download Format:  PDF

72 Pages

Independently Published, November 1, 2018

Print Copies (Workbook) available on Amazon.

The business plan book details how to prepare for writing your business plan, the information needed, how to structure your plan, tips and samples along the way and a template for a standard and one-page business plan. The download is in PDF format and will expire 3 days after purchase. The book is protected by copyright laws. Neither this book, not any of its contained contents may not be reproduced or distributed in any way, for any reason without the author’s full written and expressed permission.

Physical Workbooks can be purchased here.



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