Write Your Own Business Plan ToolKit


Hiring a business plan professional can be expensive, but if you’re willing to learn from a pro, you can easily write your own on a budget!

  1. Business Plan E-Workbook – A practical guide to help non-professionals to write business plans for small and individual professional businesses.
  2. Printable Business Plan Template/Worksheet – A guide to formatting business plan sections.
  3. Pre-Formatted Excel Sheets for Cash Flow Statement and Income Statement
  4. Creative Business & Brand Planners – 13 Page Business Planner Printables for setting and strategizing business and daily goals. The set includes a set of;


Download Format:  PDF,  MS Excel 

The book contained in this details how to prepare for writing your business plan, the information needed, how to structure your plan, tips and samples along the way and a template for a standard and one-page business plan. The download is in PDF format and will expire 3 days after purchase. The book is protected by copyright laws. Neither this book, not any of it contained contents may not be reproduced or distributed in any way, for any reason without the author’s full written and expressed permission.



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