You’re probably wondering why, but this blog post is a result of the article that will follow, 5 Red Wines For Beginners being written. During the course of writing, I wanted to share where my love for wine comes from, but I didn’t want to bother readers, who would come for the functionality of that article if they weren’t followers of my blog and didn’t care to know anything about me. So, I decided to share in a different blog post, rather than to mix the two. There’s certainly enough content to split, so here we are.


If you’ve ever worked hard to achieve anything, especially while facing adversity, you understand that adulthood and adulting has its perks, as well as its costs. For most of us, the average Jane or Joe, we go through different periods or phases in our lives that has either sped up so fast it leaves us in a tail spin, pulling at us in a fast pace to keep up or in some way creating a lull that is sometimes so deep, you actively seek a little pressure to insert in your life and dismantle the routine. This is just the way it works… each phase has its place.


I haven’t yet decided what period this is for our family and in particular, me, because well… it seems to be both. I’ve gotten a handle (somewhat) on the whole “mom-ing” 24/7 thing and working from home. Depending on how a particular day is going, I can just lift my head and it’s 4pm or wait for 12 hours and when I check the clock it says only 2 has passed. Such is the conundrum that plays out when one starts a new business and career from their living room, with an infant to be cared for who’s exclusively breastfed.

I’m always tired, looking for rest and sleep. That  ‘sleep when the baby sleeps‘ narrative has never worked for me. So all systems are go anywhere between 5 and 7, and by the time the day ends I’ve very little in the tank to take me past a child’s bedtime hour. That’s just over here on my end. My husband’s view is completely different. 


Three months before our daughter was born, he started post-graduate studies to become a specialist doctor in his field of passion. So in addition to several hours of studying he puts in prior to work which was the norm in our lives just because of his profession, he’s now also a full-time medical student as well as a full time working doctor and brand new father. With the rapid approach of the end of his first year of studies and major exams, his study sessions have increased tenfold, the addition of classes to his schedule. There simply isn’t enough time in a day, it would seem. It’s not unusual that he’s kept going by sheer willpower and coffee. In our house, our coffee maker is our friend. She’s part of the family…


Socially, our lives have lulled. No, that’s not true. Our social lives are currently so stagnant, they are virtually non-existent. Quite frankly, between now and the next few months, we just don’t have time for it. I am like a child praying for summer to arrive. Not that it will be a lot better, but I am hoping the edge won’t be as sharp. As close as we are, much of our time in the house together is in passing outside of a little family bonding time each/every other day.

This is nothing new. There is always a time and space in our lives when the work we put into advancing ourselves, our lives and careers light a fire under our rear and at least for a few weeks, suck our time and energy into a vacuum. This time, however, its been longer than I’ve ever experienced and longer still to go. 

Still, it is a conscious choice to adult, and when the cost of ambition knocks, you better answer that door and be ready to throw yourself at the mercy at whatever is on the other side. We must be ready face the opportunity costs.

Seven months ago when I started my blog, I had no idea where, if anywhere, I wanted it to go.  I was pregnant, bored and needed a creative outlet where I could share. So one day, I wrote a story about the morning I took that pregnancy test and got a positive. Then I wondered what to do with it.

It suddenly dawned on me that my husband had a blog where he wrote about football (soccer). Football is his passion so he wrote about the EPL and particularly Arsenal (that’s his team), and local football news surrounding the reggae boys. He’s even had his pieces published in the local newspaper a few times.

So I downloaded the app and published my first blog post. It was extremely surprising and enlightening how many people actually cared about what I was experiencing and writing about. The feedback was immediate, asking me when my next blog post would be, that they were “waiting” on it. People actually enjoyed my writing and were actively encouraging me to do something I’ve always wanted to do, write a book. I couldn’t believe it!

I used to write stories for my friends in the form of ‘series’ or a book where they would wait on the chapters back in high school, but at the time it was just something fun I did for my clique. Back then all I needed was my pen, notebook and my overactive imagination. Then, major exams  (CXCs) got in the way and I guess I forgot about it, how much I enjoyed it.

“Back then all I needed was my pen,  notebook and my over active imagination.”

Starting My Blog

After the first few posts on my pregnancy journey as a first time mom, a friend of mine asked if I was going to be a mommy blogger now. I scoffed. No way was I going to be writing just about pregnancy and motherhood. There’s so much more to me. So I began to write on my thoughts. My blog post The Modern Traditional Woman: The Married Individual was the first that seemed to gain traction outside my immediate circle. I thought wow! I’d been blogging less than a month when First Pregnancy Series: He’s Pregnant Too was published and brought double the number of views, I was ecstatic again. Within a few short weeks, my blog had attracted thousands of views. My husband decided to contribute a guest post, First Pregnancy Series: A Husband’s Perspective,  it brought hundreds of viewers for weeks. I enjoyed every minute of it!

So when I wondered what would be the theme of my blog, I had a dilemma. Every article or blog post l read suggested I pick a topic and stick to it. I wasn’t about to do that. So I’ve continued to blog about my life as it happens, opinions and topics of interest, even my freelancing.

Lifestyle Blog

I was content to have a theme-less blog, as long as I could keep writing on whatever interested me. After some research however, and some new topics I want to write on, it appears my blog does have a theme after-all. It’s a lifestyle blog!

So I will continue to write and add my life and experiences as they come. My blog is my space and if you’re reading this, you’re here. I love that you’ve come. I hope you stay…