Going into marriage can be a scary thing. It’s life changing, after all. After signing those papers, you can never go back to being spinsters or bachelors if it doesn’t work out. Now, you’re divorcees. Most of us want to do it right the first time, and while my own marriage is still a fledgling in the grand scheme of things, I’d say I’ve learned a lot and and we’ve done pretty alright.


No, no. This post isn’t about a black eye. It’s a funny recollection of a situation my husband and I went through, around the time we first moved in together.

It started when I had 3 courses to finish my degree. We weren’t married at the time, and I decided that I didn’t want to be in school the following September. I hadn’t been able to take all three because of a time clash, but I thought that one would be better than 3. (more…)