Don’t Wait to Live Your Life

My Greatest Fear is a Life Un-lived. Who told you you're going to get 50, 70 or 90 years of life? If you knew you would die at 40, would you approach your life the same way? If you knew you have a disability at 30 or 40 years old, what would you do differently? [...]

Hubby Post: Milk on the Corona Virus

One Sunday in January 2020 I spilled milk.  Let pause here for a second. You are probably wondering what the fuck does milk have to do with anything? (I’ve put a strike through the word ‘fuck’ just in-case it offended anyone. You don’t have to read that word. Just skip over it as you won’t [...]

I Baked Bread!

*Read this in black and white with some sad music from the past* There was a girl, who once could not bake. She had made a few attempts at cakes, but they always end up lopsided and/or burnt. *Dramatically lifts veil* Then entered the coronavirus. And you know that trying to shop for longer periods [...]

JAMAICA: Strawberry Fields Together

This little gem is a secluded hideaway in Robin's Bay, St. Mary and I decided to make a trip of it with when my friend, Shawna (Colette) came to visit. We headed out on the Saturday before Mother's Day. It's about an hour and a half drive from Ocho Rios. I wouldn't say it was [...]