First Time Flying Solo with my Toddler

The other day, the need arose for Sio and I to travel alone. Up until that time, we traveled as a family. My husband was a tad concerned, asking numerous times if I was sure I'd be okay mostly because our child is frisskkyy!

Baby Reid No.2?

These last few weeks, watching Siobhán grow like a weed and immersing myself completely in the experience of being her mom, I've been hit with an unexpected conundrum, baby fever. I feel it wash through me everytime I look at my child, or see one younger than her. I look at her baby pictured wrought with [...]

Let’s Talk Career: My Freelancing Businesses

 Freelance Business Once I decided that's what I was going to do, I registered my freelance business, Shandean Williams-Reid Business Services through which I'm a business planning consultant, analyst and writer. I write business plans, do business analysis and planning, change management, and writing online articles, web content, and blogging. I started a business blog The Pocket [...]