My (Ongoing) Struggle With Ovarian Cysts

I posted a video on my Instagram teasing about a possible pregnancy some weeks ago. After a flurry of messages in my inbox, I came clean. I wasn't (am not) pregnant at all. I'm under some duress from baby fever, but no, not pregnant. Then ladies wanted to know why I looked like I was. … Continue reading My (Ongoing) Struggle With Ovarian Cysts

Life & Marriage Update

Hey, guys! I know you can tell I have not been around WordPress as much as we would like, but you also know why. My book launch is drawing nigh and I really am just trying to stay afloat with everything. Between Siobhán, my book, the launch and making some family moves, I'm wishing there was … Continue reading Life & Marriage Update

Single Til Married?

I was listening to a podcast and the topic of discussion was centred around a young woman who said that she was single until she was married due to the fact that men are not trustworthy and may be doing this, that, that and the third. This in and of itself is not an uncommon … Continue reading Single Til Married?

Orgasms; The Intense, The Faked and The….Never? 

As you can tell by the working title, this is one for the grown and sexy, so you know what (who's) time it is. As is always the way, the topic came from an R-rated conversation about, you guessed it, sex. So then the conversation turned to orgasms. How some people feel energised (who are … Continue reading Orgasms; The Intense, The Faked and The….Never? 

Aphrodisiac; Chocolate, Strong Back or Dancehall?

I suppose the by the title, you are aware that it's me, Trina. As usual, I wait for a topic of discussion to come up so that I can throw my weight behind it and... well... aphrodisiacs it is. Let's provoke a few inner vixens tonight, shall we? Tell me honestly, do they work? Aphrodisiacs, I mean. … Continue reading Aphrodisiac; Chocolate, Strong Back or Dancehall?

Oral Sex Still a Controversy? How?!

Hi, guys, Trina here. Shan's given me free reign (well, as much as she can and still maintain we are both ladies) tonight. I urge you to go get the biggest tea cup you can find because I'm coming for souls tonight! So if you're underaged turn back now. If you are archaic, better leave … Continue reading Oral Sex Still a Controversy? How?!