Today (well, not today but on the day I started writing this blog post), as I toiled away spring cleaning the stove, a thought popped into my head. As per usual when these things happen, the thought nagged and refused to leave until I’d pressurized it and beaten it into oblivion with my mental broom.

The thought was, what do you do when you are married to someone whose ambitions have resulted in a marriage of lacklustre and neglect? You see, us millennials have risen to the daunting challenge of work, life and achieving balance with astonishing ferocity. The foundations and social structures of our society weren’t built on the premise of two people being ambitious in a marriage. It favored one (we all know which one) going out and making the bacon. Whether or not the had time to be a spouse of help with the rearing of children wasn’t really a consideration. But we have broken moulds and barriers. We demand more than dull, passing existences.


This blog post is a mite different from anything I’ve shared on here. It’s darker, a piece of me I still actively sometimes struggle with. The other day I mentioned the effect a past experience had on me to a friend. She asked me a crucial question, during our conversation and I truly wanted to laugh. Not that the experience or the question was in any way humorous. It’s just that the question highlighted how little value the Jamaican culture places on mental health and well being. As a whole, the average Jamaican isn’t counselled following a traumatic experience. We simply ‘move on’ or learn to cope. Invariably, some of us better than others. (more…)

When I was about 18, I lost a friend that I had loved like a sister due to one of the most basic girl code rules that I had thought shouldn’t take place, a guy. To make matters worse, neither of us had been involved with said guy at the time and when one friend began to suggest that my ‘best friend’ has less than stellar intentions where I was concerned, I defended her vehemently. In my book, when you bestow someone with the title of friend, it means you love this person. (more…)

No, no. This post isn’t about a black eye. It’s a funny recollection of a situation my husband and I went through, around the time we first moved in together.

It started when I had 3 courses to finish my degree. We weren’t married at the time, and I decided that I didn’t want to be in school the following September. I hadn’t been able to take all three because of a time clash, but I thought that one would be better than 3. (more…)