The Entrepreneur

So, we’ve established I’m a Writer, right? Well, then it’s no surprise that mu business is centered on… you guessed it. Writing! It’s no surprise either that my journey into Entrepreneurship began with another area of my life that is terribly important to me. When I was pregnant, I knew I didn’t want to leave my baby and go back to work while she was an infant. I also knew I didn’t want to be a stay-at-home mom for an extended period without taking on any kind of personal and career development until she was of school age and there weren’t any jobs around clamoring to hire women with cribs in offices (not in Jamaica, at least). I also got into social media management.

As I continue to navigate the journey of entrepreneurship while being a full -time mom, I want to express sincere gratitude to my supportive online community that has allowed me to build on my talents.

Business plan writer & coach

Business plans are my bread and butter. Since I doubled down my focus on marketing my services as a business plan writer under the name Shandean Williams-Reid Business Services. In the last six years, I have written over a hundred business plans and my experience of experience writing business plans ranging from the common coffee shop, to multi-million dollar investment projects.

I support individuals and entrepreneurs by streamlining their ideas into workable pathways and strategies by planning each element of their business. The result of this process is a business strategy and a ready for action business plan. If this sounds like what you need, check out some awesome business planning resources!

If doing this part of the business is not for you or you prefer to focus on what you are good at and building your business, you have the option to delegate and outsource! Hire me as your business plan writer.

digital creative & communications firm

This summer, all of my expertise has taken wings in the right direction with my digital creative and communications firm Write Lead Digital Partners. The firm focuses on helping brands build and strengthen their voice through marketing content creation, communications services and materials and social media management. Learn more on the Write Lead Digital Partners website.