The Writer

My love affair with writing and storytelling is long. In fact, a few days ago when I ran into one of my high school teachers and she expressed that she had read my book (causing me some slight embarrassment based on its genre) and she wasn’t at all surprised that I had done it. Or that it was good. She went on to remind me of the stories I wrote in notebooks for my friends to read and even knew about a skit (play) or two. I was shocked she knew these things, but based on the relationship I had with my teachers in high school, I could see how it would come up on their radar. It was a reminder that, you never really know who is watching.

Girlfriends and I giggling over book content.

Unfortunately for me, I grew up viewing my writing as a hobby and not something to be taken seriously. Certainly not as a career option. I studied the sciences at the latter end of high school and into the start o my tertiary studies before re-routing into Business Management and Entrepreneurship. But, alas! Fate intervened in 2016 when I found myself unemployed and pregnant with my mind churning constantly and nothing to do but grow baby inside my body for almost a year. Here birthed my blog. You can read my very first blog post here.

As they say, the rest is history. I have since curated an online community of a few hundred subscribers (which I had to shed moving my blog), established myself as a writer doing content strategy and business writing, authored a business plan writing guide titled Business Plan Pocket Guide: A Practical Ste-by-Step Guide to Writing Business Plans and an erotic romance novel (in the picture above) titled The Dangerous Business of Pleasure and a few other short stories here and there.

It was a pleasant surprise to realize the internet has afforded writers with a lot more room for flexibility and while being a writer is not a bed of roses and comes with its own unique set of challenges, I’ve found myself happily entrenched in the world of business writing, content strategy , communications, blogging and authorship. All of which revolve around the blissful world of reading and writing.