Morning eNewsletter: But First, Coffee

More tab a year ago, I tried to get my podcast But First, Coffee going. Failing miserably, I finally conceded that there was no way I could diligently find the time to record a podcast with the noise bug that is my full time charge. But writing? You bet your cutet little bitton nose I [...]

6 Ways to Make Money in College


Most of us know all too well, the financial struggles of college life. This is a time when students are forced to scrape by on very little. Some of us even work full-time jobs, while attending college, just to make ends meet.

But aside from getting a traditional 9 to 5, what else can you do to earn some extra cash? Here are six tips to get you started!

1. Freelancing

Many skills like writing, graphic designing, and social media management can be done on a freelance basis to make extra cash. Even better, the hours are great because you set them! Most people’s freelance jobs are their hobbies, so it doesn’t really feel like work.

If you have excellent command of the English language, why not offer to proofread or edityour peers’ work? There is always someone somewhere on campus willing to pay to make sure their paper is…

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8 Quick Study Tips for the Exhausted Student


Studying is the cornerstone of college life. And whether we like it or not, it pretty much sums up the college experience. Let’s face it. There is rarely, if ever, a student who successfully makes it through school without spending some quality time in their books.

Unfortunately, for most of us this is when exhaustion tends to creep in; yawning at our ears, and tugging at the sheets. Sounds familiar? We thought so…

So how do you keep up the good fight against sleep, in the name of academia? Here are eight tips to help the exhausted student light the midnight candle without burning out.

1. Start Early


Starting early means you never have to worry about rushing to the finish line. Slow and steady wins this one. You also escape the stress of knowing you might not get done in time.

Starting early allows you to spend shorter time…

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