Place Hot B! – Tips to Stay Cool

It's six am. I've just woken up to find myself without the top I wore to bed. It's strewn on the floor telling me that at some point during the hellish heat I most likely peeled it off. I do remember sweating and being restless, Tibby tossing and turning, trying to manage the fan's direction … Continue reading Place Hot B! – Tips to Stay Cool

Own Who You Are

Last night, for the longest time in 'I don't know how long' I spent about three hours on Skype with two girlfriends. We talked. A lot. About many, many things including social media and perception. As the conversation grew wings and took on varying subject matters, I listened to how they felt about perception, online … Continue reading Own Who You Are

Death Is So… Final

A few days before the holidays, my husband's maternal family lost its matriarch. While the family is close and usually jovial, there was a hanging presence over the holidays. Last Sunday, she was laid to rest. I dislike funerals, and blessed as I am, I've only ever lost one person close to me, my great … Continue reading Death Is So… Final

To Propose or Not To Propose… To Your Man

For a few years now, every so often a picture emerges on social media of a woman proposing to a man, and the reaction is almost always the same. Women shaming the woman for asking the man she wants to marry her. I for one find the practice so annoying. Leave that woman alone and … Continue reading To Propose or Not To Propose… To Your Man

I Won’t Go Natural

Over the past few years, the natural hair movement has dominated quite a bit. I am here for it. As ever, my little country, Jamaica has been pushing boundaries on the international stage regarding what's acceptable as beautiful hair. I am here for it! A few shining examples are the recent Miss Jamaica Universe, Davina … Continue reading I Won’t Go Natural