3 Things I Would Tell My Younger Self

What would you tell your younger self?

That is the question of centuries old. The hashtag #By23 had me thinking about all the ways I struggled as a young adult, particularly during University.

A few months ago there was a #By23 hashtag trending on Twitter. The origin of the trend was political, nevertheless, the sentiment hit home for many, including myself. I think a lot about the young girl that was me, fifteen or twenty years ago. The dreams that were stretched beyond what experience or exposure could teach me. My friends and I walked used to walk to this particular wall. It was located under a wedding shop sign of some sort, and there, six or so young kids from humble backgrounds, would dream.

Although I’m still a good way from totalling those dreams, I have learned much on my journey to this point. I make it my prerogative not to live in regret, nevertheless there are a few things I wish I had known much earlier in my life. So I thought I would share three things I might like to share with a younger version of myself.

I don’t have a vintage scroll, long list of things worthy o the world book of records. I believe in the use of simple practical advice. It’s what I would find most useful. So here they are the top three things I would tell my younger self;

1. Trust Your Gut and Your Journey

Growing up, I wasn’t a confident child. I second-guessed myself a lot and that followed me well into my twenties. To my younger self, I would have told her to trust herself and her instincts more. They are sharper and better honed than she thought. There was a strength in her that I was able to harness as a woman, and ultimately, It was her who helped to shape me as the woman she wanted me to grow into.

My journey is meant for me, and I will travel it. Life has a funny way of making sure I’ve been exactly where I was supposed to be in order to advance to the next stage of my life’s journey. I do not take that lightly and have come to depend heavily upon it.

2. Invest

My household wasn’t keen on financial education and money management. Although I knew how to manage my money ( what little O had), I learned about stocks, multiple income streams and financial management much later than I would have liked to. Where I was from, the idea of financial stability and wealth can be created from working a regular nine to five and saving was as far as exposure could take me.

3. Come Out of that Shell; Faster Dammit!

Young Shandean was a hermit. (Present day Shan is a hermit too, just… less so) Sure, I had extrovert friends, but I mostly managed to stay invisible among them. During college, when most people went to parties and networked, I went home on weekends or stayed in and never left my dorm room. I’d binge on weekends watching Family Guy and movies. It’s no wonder I left college without a single lecturer knowing me by name, less friends I can count on the half of one and a network? Forget about it!

things I would tell my younger self

Much too late, I forced myself inch by inch from the shell on my back, but in my opinion, it should have started much sooner. Damn, Look how long it’s taken you girl!

Of all the things I would tell my younger self, these three top the list. What about you, what’s one thing you would tell the younger version of you?

Xo, Shan

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