7 Cleaning Hacks For Your Home

Sharing cleaning hacks for homes make me so happy! I mean, when you clean, and you can sit back and enjoy the awesome views, don’t you feel physically lighter? Is that just me? I refuse to believe it is! No way. Your visual and olfactory senses are in heaven and you just get into a much better mood. But, cleaning is hard and takes time. And most of all, it is never-ending.

Even if you clean a space and leave it while no-one is around, it wont e clean when you get back. That’s just the way it is. So, because of the repetitive nature of cleaning tasks, hacks are always helpful when they deliver on convenience and results. And of course, I shall bring you ‘di good tings dem’ when mi find dem. So, here are few of the ones I’ve been loving lately.

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1. Use Baking Soda and Vinegar to Clean Drains

Clean Drains by pouring a little hot water down the drain to warm up the pipes and loosen gunk that is down there. After about two minutes, pour a half a cup of baking soda down the drain, followed by a cup of vinegar. (Do not mix them beforehand and make sure the area in ventilated). After that I like to pour some hot water again. Works like a charm!

2. Cleaning Powders are Wide Range

Besides the fact that I am thorough obsessed with the scent of Comet’s Original Cleaning Powder, they are great for cleaning pots and pan, glass and bathrooms.

I’ve particularly noticed that use of cleaning powered in the bath tub and face basin doesn’t just clean in the moment, but the ‘clean feel’ and visible clean last several days longer than when I use liquid cleaners. Accommodating at least six showers a day is awesome.

They’re also great for scouring pots and pan, stainless steel and even glass. My my favourite brands are comet an Ajax, but i’ve heard that Bar Keeper’s Friend is something serious and would love to try it. However, it’s not available locally in Jamaica.

3. Get A Swiffer Wet Jet

No, the post isn’t sponsored. I’ve personally turned my nose up at the concept (of swiffering) as a Caribbean national (If you know, you know), but now, if you touch my Swiffer Wet Jet, we’ll have some problems. It’s definitely something that is worth looking into for everyday cleaning. By the way, it’s actually a system and not expensive at all.

cleaning hacks

You know how I’ve mentioned that Kingston is super dusty city under the best of circumstances, well, that increases ten-fold during the summer. As much as I would like to there is no way I can keep up with mopping every single day. Even if i could, My back wouldn’t allow it. At least, not with a traditional mop and bucket. Even if you mopped everyday, the dust and dirt on you floors after you open your door for a few hours is inconceivable. Ground floor apartment struggles anyone?

Anyway the Swiffer Wet Jet has been an amazing resource lately. I can wipe everyday or every other day at least, as long as I have a few minutes to spare. The disposable pads [need to be bought] are easy to just throw out afterwards. (You can buy reusable ones separately that can fir on the Wet Jet, too.)The head also swivels so I can get it under low and/narrow spaces more easily.

It prevents the ‘black foot bottoms’ feature form getting too bad and a bonus is that the cleaning solution [needs to be bought as well] leave the house smelling great. Who doesn’t love a smell good house hack?

That said though, a good old spin bucket and a mop are still undefeated for that clean clean. You know what I mean?

4. Have a Regular Broom AND a Dust Mop

If you have a vacuum cleaner, you can just skip this part. But for those of us who don’t, all mops are not create equal. Microfibre dust mops hold onto dust [and move it] much better than a regular mop. I have been truly enjoying mine from Libman. It’s microfibre pads are washable and I can just switch them out as needed. Plus, the head swivels too.

5. Detergent Influences the Scent of your Home

Besides the all important function of how efficient your detergent is to actually clean things, how your it smells will affect the smell of your home. No only clothes, but curtains, sheets table cloths, etc.

6. Wipe the House with…

  • Hot Water
  • Downy Unstoppables
  • Bleach
  • Detergent
  • Cleaning disinfectant/All purpose cleaner
  • Dishwashing Liquid/Dishwasher Pod

You can mix and match to your preference, but make sure you add several parts more water than product. If you have a spin bucket, use that. If not, be careful with the water and use cleaning gloves. Hot water helps eliminate residue.

If you have kids who love to clean the floor with their bodies like mine does, you will find this brings joy and peace off mind. And if you couldn’t tell, yes. I’m a #CleanTok junkie.

7. Make your Own Linen Spray with Downy Unstoppables

What’s a list of cleaning hacks without a lil DIY thrown in for some razzle dazzle, hm? Febreze actually has downy unstoppable air fresheners, but making you own from the beads with war water is actually a great way to keep the scent around your home if you love it.

What are some cleaning hacks you use around your home that you would like to share?

Xo, Shandean.

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