5 ‘Smell Good House’ Hacks You Need to Know

Everyone wants a smell good house. “I want my house smelling frowzy.” Said no one, ever. These last few months have flipped a switch (maybe it’s that grown woman, nesting bug), and I’ve really been absorbed in making the house homier, and a major part of that is in fact, smell. I’ve done a lot of reading and have a list of things I’m doing and going to be doing implementing to see how I like the result and the promise of freshness.

1. Let Fresh Air In

One certified way to have your house smelling old and stuffy is to not allow fresh air to circulate. Nothings smells frowzy faster than stale air. But we are in a faster-paced word, what with global warming affecting the weather, it can be tempting to keep the AC on, but fresh air circulating through the house can do wonders by simply airing it out. ( Even if gets a bit more dusty than usual afterwards.)

smell good house

2. Linen Sprays

I’m really into essential oils these days, and playing around with DIY Linen Sprays have been super fun! At first I would just use it to spritz my sheets and pillowcases, but now I use them on everything. Sheets, cushions, curtains, etc. I’m even guilty of spraying that bad boy in the car once I’ve cleaned inside down nicely! (*snickers*).

It didn’t help my ego when visitors tell me how nice my house smells. P.S. I absolutely love eucalyptus, orange and lavender scents. They are the bomb!

3. Diffusers

Diffusers are an amazing option to use for a longer-lasting fragrance with your essential oils than linen sprays. They slowly release scents into the air and you can catch a whiff when you walk by. You have the option to play around with the scents within different spaces in your home and place them just so, such that entering a space changes your entire mood.

4. Scented Candles

Who doesn’t love a good scented candle to wind down? Depending on your preference, you can invite your favorite scents to live with you and maintain your smell good house. You can bring berries, sweet, woodsy, seasonal scents and more indoors.

At my house, I have to be mindful of stronger scents, least my husband’s sinuses become triggered and he sneezes us into oblivion. This quest is a bit tricky to navigate. It’s a fine line between a subtle scent and none at all.

smell good house hacks

5. Clean Fabric Decor Pieces

Carpets, Upholstery, sofas. If they are not maintained regularly, these are some of the biggest culprits of a frowzy and even outright stinky scented home. So clean them regularly. Command the use of Odor neutralizing products like baking soda and Febreeze. And recall that moisture on these items are not your friends.

Tell me how you maintain your smell good house. Happy Sunday, Loves!

Xo, Shandean.

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  • Kirk - Jamaipanese

    good list – nothing beats number one.

    I also use charcoal here in Japan especially in the cold winter months when I cant always open up the windows

  • Ha at the introduction! I use scented candles (whew child, the scented candles from Illuminescents are strong strong in a good way), an Airwick plug-in, keeping rugs clean (they’re almost non-existent in my house anyway), Lysol sprays and definitely some fresh air. In fact, there are some windows in my house I never close unless I’m going away for a long time like a week. I guess I can afford to do that with mosquito mesh on all my windows. I still need to try a diffuser though. Great post 🙂

    • The Caffeinated Powerhouse

      Thanks, Rochelle! You’ve got some good options too! Personally, I’m too scared to keep my windows open. I would never sleep! 😫

  • Shala

    I just recently picked up some linen spray from a black owned market a few months ago! Never used it before but I can attest that it’s a great option! Feel like I’m in a hotel 🙂

  • Stephanie Ferguson

    All great ideas! I live in Texas though and it can get pretty hot so i don’t open windows much! But i do sometimes at night! I love candles and Febreze is my bestie since have pets!

  • thatfillesophieblog

    You know what else is amazing besides a clean house, yes a house that smells good. I am with you with all of these suggestions. I have some of the plug in scnets and it just keep the apartment smelling fresh and near. I am going to look into having diffusers besides the candles. Loved reading your blog post 🙂

  • Kel Cole

    Letting fresh air in is a game changer! My friend also makes aromatherapy candles so that makes it refreshing for the home and body 🙂

  • Donna

    Listen, I needed this! My son’s room smells like the funk of 40,000 years! I’m going to open his windows today, and get some diffusers.

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