Moving to Saskatchewan from Ontario: Why?

Moving to Saskatchewan from Ontario. Blogger sitting on steps

Yup, you read that right. I’m moving to Saskatchewan from Ontario, where I’ve been living for the last few months: my firsts in Canada. I completed my school program last month, and now I’m going off on this new phase of an adventure. I’m nervous, excited and ready for this next chapter. I’m anxious about making another big move, but I’m focusing on the benefits. I took up this opportunity, and although it means moving for the second time in six months, it is better that I am moving now and disturbing my comfort after only a few months rather than to have truly settled and then needing to move.

I’ve been in Ontario since I arrived in Canada, and while I was comfortable and settling, once I started job hunting, I decided not to limit my options to Toronto and the GTA. I was more focused on finding a job that was a good fit for my career going forward and my skills and offered the salary I wanted. So when it turned out that this opportunity was in Saskatchewan, it didn’t bother me to move to a smaller city.

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I Never Meant to Live in Ontario

Although I attended school in Toronto, when I first considered the possibility of living in Canada years ago, I didn’t have Ontario on my list of provinces at all. I spent years researching and found that immigrants typically shifted toward Ontario, and I wasn’t inclined to join the herd. Still, the possibility always existed since if the opportunity came up and it was the right move, I wouldn’t say no.

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Of course, things changed, and when I decided I wanted to go back to school, Ontario just happened to be where I went. As with everything else in my life, I believe it was the Lord’s nudge. Ontario has been great. I made friends, connected more with my long-time friend and had a fantastic Jamaican couple as my landlords who went above and beyond to make sure my family and I were always okay. They immigrated when they were a young family and made it their business to help young Jamaicans on the same or a similar journey. I am eternally grateful to them for their help.

Notwithstanding, in Ontario, I had a support system I did not realize I would have had coming in, and it made everything much easier with the move, with my family and school. In moving to Saskatchewan from Ontario, I am again leaping to cut proverbial strings.

moving to Canada from Jamaica, Canadian blogger in Nathan Phillips Square
Nathan Phillips Square – Toronto, Ontario – Image by Shandean Reid

Why I’m moving to Saskatchewan from Ontario

By the time I graduated a few weeks ago, I had received a few job offers, including one in Saskatchewan. Besides the fact that this particular job was a great move career-wise, it is also beneficial for the short-term plans my family and I have. Being fresh in Canada means I have the freedom to pursue it unencumbered.

Despite initially not being interested in Ontario, I can’t say I won’t miss it. I made friends and started building a network here. I spent most time indoors because of school (and winter) and was looking forward to the summer and spending more time outdoors. I’ve just started taking the bus and train around town on my own. I was looking forward to getting to know the city better and doing a few things—nonetheless, adulting, opportunities and all that.

That’s not to say I’ll never find my way back to Ontario, but it’s not a goal per say.

A New Adventure Awaits

I’m excited to see what Saskatchewan has to offer. I already know that I’m excited about the job and that living in the province provides me with additional advantages for permanent residency in Canada. The housing market is more affordable in Saskatchewan than in the GTA. I’m excited to find out how I will feel about living down there. I’m open to everything, even if it is just for the experience.

I consider it a good thing I’m moving while it’s heading into summer. It will give me a chance to enjoy the warmth and beauty of the new city before bracing for what I am aware will be a much harsher winter than is in Ontario. But then, all winters are harsh when you are born and raised in the West Indies.

So, here’s to a fresh round of experiences and building a career and life my family will thrive on. Cheers! Are you an international student? Or did you move from one province to another in Canada?

I’m interested in hearing your tips, particularly if you moved to Saskatchewan from Ontario. Share them in the comments.

Xo, Shandean

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  • Simone

    Yayyy you will be closer to me! Where in Sas you moving to? My best friend family is there (Regina) even though she is in Alberta! I have only been to Regina once. Wasn’t my place. It’s sooooo flat! Soon you will be in Alberta 😊😊😊

    • Shandean Reid

      Haha! I am in Regina! Just yesterday, Hubby and I chit-chatted about how long a visit to Calgary would take. I kind of like the flat and the small, quiet city feel. 😊

      • Simone

        I loooovvve the quiet as well so I get it! Regina is 6 hours away. I would love to come and visit you!

      • Shandean Reid

        Yes! Definitely message me so we can plan it.

  • I understand the nerves because I don’t like having my comfort zone shifted at all! However change is a necessary evil for growth. Best wishes on your move, and like you– Ontario has never been on my list because it’s too crowded. I’d rather spread my wings to an area with less of a diaspora.. Alberta is my top pick for where to live in Canada, but I guess this province is interesting too.

    • Shandean Reid

      Thanks, Rochelle! Alberta was definitely my top pic before coming. I thought Regina would lack diversity, but it’s surprising diverse and the city’s population is getting younger. I guess more immigrants realize the benefits of coming out here while they are actively building up city. Definitely more opportunities immigration-wise.

  • Hilary Tan

    Good luck on the move! I lived in Saskatchewan for 2 years in a small city called Estevan. My husband and I moved there because he couldn’t find work in Ontario. Now we live in Alberta. I find that there are more job opportunities out west 🙂

    • Shandean Reid

      Thank you, Hilary! I definitely see that that’s the case in terms of opportunities.

  • Tavrenee Stubbs-Reynolds

    A friend of mine did the same move after migrating and she’s having a great time, wishing you the same.

  • Susan Brooks

    We moved back to SK in June of 2022! Just about the same time you were thinking of moving! We are in Wolseley, just outside of Regina (an hour to the East). We live in the prettiest little village (has won awards for the most beautiful village for about the past 5 years!). The housing is soooo affordable – we have 1/3 of an acre inside the town!

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