JAMAICA: Strawberry Fields Together

This little gem is a secluded hideaway in Robin’s Bay, St. Mary and I decided to make a trip of it with when my friend, Shawna (Colette) came to visit. We headed out on the Saturday before Mother’s Day.

It’s about an hour and a half drive from Ocho Rios. I wouldn’t say it was hard to find as one of my friends from the trip had been there before and Google Maps provided accurate directions. The entry fee was $500 per adult and we had both brought food in and ordered from their menu. The menu was very limited, chicken and fish done to order and was good. The exchange rate though, was atrocious JM$107-US$1. So if you’re a tourist, I strongly encourage that you take local cash with you to pay.

When we arrived at about one in the afternoon, there weren’t very many people there. We had a great time uninterrupted by noise or distractions. The waters were a little rough and it was very windy though hot. Siobhán and Jaxen were looking very tanned real quick, so if you are planning on taking your kiddos along, don’t forget the sunscreen! It is cool, but the sun was not playing. The water is clear and gorgeous, rivaling some Portland destinations.

The kids (both toddlers) had a blast splashing on the shore and playing in the sand. It’s definitely a scenic little hideaway from the hustle and bustle. The lawns though uneven, (actually, somewhat hilly) provided a nice little space for them to run about and play (under the watchful eyes of all five adults of course). We had brought blankets and towels to sit on, but we didn’t really need them. The grass is nice to sit on once you get over the prickly nature. It was very relaxing and worth the visit. I definitely recommend it for a family outing for the day. If you’re into a nice scenic picnic with the beach nearby, it’s also worth checking out as a date spot. It’s beautiful and they do have rooms available for guests should they wish to enjoy the place for a few days. Remember though,it’s very quiet and definitely not where you should go if you’re looking for ‘excitement’.



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