Royalton White Sands & Blue Waters Review

My family and I spent a weekend recently at Royalton White Sands and Blue Waters resort to celebrate our sixth wedding anniversary. With curfews still in effect on the island, there not much we can still do that we used to do before this monument shift in everyday life, but we can still do hotel stays and enjoy a few days away from the lull and grind.

Check In

Upon arrival, our temperature is checked and we are sanitized. Our bags are tagged and we were given a ticket and they were sanitized while we were getting checked-in.

Checking in was a simple and efficient affair. Social distancing, masks are required, you are sanitized at the desk before interacting, there are used pen bins and cleaned pen pins.

The Room

Our room was on the fourth floor with a very beautiful, sprawling view of the property from the balcony. The room was fairly big, with two (our preference with a little one) full-sized beds, additional seatings, a closet with a safe, a hot tub, a full-sized mirror, a large mirror on a double sink vanity, a standing and sitting shower and private toilet room.

The Food

The resort has three restaurants, a buffet, an Italian Restaurant and a snack hut. To enter your temperature is taken and your hands sanitized in order the enter the dining areas.

We didn’t find the food to be anything to write home about. Upon reflection though, the food was perfectly cooked. I just find it catered to a more bland palate. The Caribbean dishes were more noticeably flavorful, so I do believe the issue is the intended audience.

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The buffet is serves behind screens at each station.

The head chef came to say hi, and ask about the meal. The staff, the cleanliness of the restaurant, etc. He seemed nice and genuinely interested, with a friendly and polite disposition. There are ample bars that serve drinks, and staff members walking around taking refreshment orders. So you’ll never be thirsty.

Property Views

The hotel is absolutely gorgeous. With two hotels on the same property, I never where we actually were or stayed. The entrance sign said Blue Waters, but our reservation was for White Sands. It doesn’t matter though, as the property isn’t separated, so it really makes no difference.

The Beach

The beach is a fairly long stretch. The sand is white and beautiful with no seas weeds in sight obstructing enjoyment, something more and more resorts has an issue with (no fault of theirs). But at Royalton, the beach is very clean, and very well maintained.

There is ample space and seating for families to enjoy the sun, sand and salty while social distancing. There’s even a security guard making sure people were social distancing. Since most people at the beach aren’t wearing masks for the entire duration.

The Family Experience

As far as the family experience at Royalton White Sands and Blue Waters goes, it is one of the best resorts we’ve been to. The Kids water park considered children of different ages and swimming capabilities. The expansiveness of the single level ground pool means kids can get a wide girth to play while mom and Dad keep a watchful eye from the cool shade of poolside lounge chairs under umbrellas.

Royalton White Sands Kids pool
Royalton White Sands Kids Water Park

They have several pools, at least one of which is adult-only, so it makes it easier for singles and couples to stay away from the children’s play areas if that is their preference.

They also have a playground (we didn’t use it) and the wholesome night-time entertainment carried through until about 10 pm before the adult-only experiences got underway.

The Service, Amenities

The staff was friendly and polite throughout your stay. They were helpful and the hotel was prompt in answering questions and helping out with any issues. Our room was cleaned each day, of our stay.

Room service was available until 2 am (I believe). There is nightly entertainment for families and later adults only, as well as daily games and activities. There was no water sports or anything like that, but I don’t know if that is because of the global health situation.

WiFi is available throughout the property. It’s free, and good quality and was available everywhere we went except on the beach. You’re able to connect up to twenty (20) devices with your room login. Basic cable is available as well with a few sport and movie channels included.

Overall, we liked Royalton White Sands and Blue Waters. It’s a very nice hotel that can tick off for return stays.

Xo, Shandean.

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  • trinimomindmiddle

    I started reading your post and it began to remind me of a hotel I stayed at while I was there and lo and behold you mentioned it, the Hilton Rose Hall. I had a great time there, especially loved the lazy pool, the creepiness of the Rose Hall tour and the drinks lol.
    I love Jamaica. Before Covid I used to visit quite regularly staying both in Kingston with friends and Montego Bay for girls trip. My last stay was a the Riu Reggae which happened to coincide with Spring Break so it was..uh………….loud.
    Thanks so much for this post. It gave me some flashbacks of fun times. I need Covid to go so borders could open and I could resume my usual and come through NMIA (my purse ain’t ready for Sangsters nah :D)

    • The Caffeinated Powerhouse

      Awesome! I’m starting to feel the pinch of closed borders myself. Hopefully, things get better soon. Thanks for reading!

  • Zaynah

    It looks so beautiful and serene! Thank you for sharing this review, my mom has been wanting to plan a trip for her and my dad to go to Jamaica when things are safe/open again, I’ll have to tell her about this resort.

  • Morgan

    I didn’t catch where this hotel is located but when i clicked on the link it said Jamaica so I assume that’s where it is. Please correct me if wrong. The room and landscape of the hotel is beautiful. I hate when the resort food isn’t anything to write home about because sometimes that can make or break a stay. I love that y’all took the little one on the trip as well. Beautiful family. ☺️

  • Jerrika Janae

    This is so beautiful! I loved the pictures. You guys look like you had an amazing time!

  • Ashley

    I’ve been to Royalton Negril but have since been curious about how the Blue Waters/White Sands experience would differ. I’ve gotten mixed reviews but yours is a nod to the positive. Thank you for the thorough review! It’s a big help to staycationers like myself.

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