Niagara Falls, Canada in Spring

Since, I’m set to jet off to unknown parts (to you, dear reader) soon, I’ve been taking in a bit of Ontario, including Niagara Falls, Canada. I’ve always wanted to see it, and although I’ve been to the US, I’ve never been to New York to see it there. I haven’t had enough time to explore Ontario the way I would like before leaving since everything happened pretty fast post-graduation, but I did visit the Falls before leaving and I’m glad I did.

This post is mostly pictures from my trips, with bits of my thoughts thrown in. I thought to give a bit of insight while sharing.

As an islander by birth, I have a healthy appreciation for waterfalls in Jamaica. Still, none of them are comparable in size to Niagara Falls. The falls are massive, water surges and are linked to two countries. To see it is to take in the natural power of water with reverence. I’ve always been of the opinion that between fire and water, water is the more dominant force. Fire can be destructive sure, but with enough water, you can control or stop a fire. What can you do when water is on the war path? Nothing.

Niagara Falls Canada side Jamaican blogger on balcony
Image by Sahndean Reid

Niagara Falls Facts

Niagara Falls is one of those famous global landmarks everyone knows about. The massive waterfall is a historic landmark, sharing its perimeters between Canada and the Unites States.

  • It is actually made up of three waterfalls; The American Falls, The Bridal Veil Falls and the Horseshoe Falls.
  • During the summer, more than 6 million cubic feet of water descend over the the Horseshoe falls every minute.
  • The falls have only ever stopped once, for more than 30 hours 1848 dure to an ice jam at the source.
  • It is illegal to attempt crossing the falls.

The Falls

Niagara Falls om an overcast, spring day

The Surroundings – What to expect

I visited the falls on a sunny day of about 22°C. While the ride there and surrounding areas like Clifftin Hill were hot. By the the falls, it was a bit snappy with the wind coming off the falls. I also found the wind takes the water over onto the street so depending on the wind, you can get wet. So just be mindful if you have little ones that therecould be water droplets coming over.

Cliffton Hill, Niagara Falls

Besides the waterfalls, there is a bit to see and do as a tourist in Niagara Falls, which surprised me. I didn’t realize there is a tourism strip with shops, funhouses, restaurants and so on. The Niagara Falls region has a tourism strip. Cliffton Hill is a steep hill buzzing with attractions and family activities to do on your trip after (or before) you’ve seen the falls.

Cliffton Hill,Niagara Falls Canada side blogger Shandean Reid
Image by Shandean Reid

The Tulips

The Tulip season coincides with spring. And they are stunningly beautiful! The colours vary from darker shades of purples to bright red, pink, orange and yellow and soft pastel pink. I am not generally a flowers enthusiast, but it was beautiful to see the display the first time I’ve seen tulips. Perhaps this is yet another symptom of being an adult, adult.

My Experience

The Canadian side of Niagara Falls is definitely a family travel experience, in my opinion. Whether you visit as a couple, with some friends or with family and relatives, the setup encourages that kind of experience.

As you know me well by now, I am already plotting my return with the little one. I’m also interested in the experience on the American side of Niagara Falls and comparing the two. It’s quite a thing to be able to ‘look’ over into another country that’s physically connected. As an islander, I know it exists all over the world, but there is something fascinating about it to me, how the land can be shared but the identity and culture so different.

Have you visited the Canadian Niagara Falls, the American Niagara Falls or both? Share your experience in a comment.

Xo, Shandean.

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