Guest Post: Spilt Milk on the Coronavirus

One Sunday in January 2020 I spilled milk. 

Let pause here for a second.

You are probably wondering what the fuck does milk have to do with anything? (I’ve put a strike through the word ‘fuck’ just in-case it offended anyone. You don’t have to read that word. Just skip over it as you won’t be missing much. Promise ☺). 

Ok now that you’ve just read 59 words of absolute BS, you may as well continue. 

The short answer to that question is, absolutely nothing. 

But, hear me out. There is some sort of method to this insanity.

Fast forward to March 10, 2020, the first locally confirmed case of the Cov-Sars-2, Corona Virus, Novel Corona, COVID, china virus, whatever the fuck [☺] you want to call the bastard. A day later it was declared a pandemic, almost as if they were waiting for Jamaica to join in the party. We do love an entrance. It meant that life as it was before, will never be the same. So here is how it unfolded for me. Me here refers to my young family and vice versa. Semantics

I had been watching the news of the outbreak since December 2019. 

On March 6, 2020 was my daughter’s first sports day. She had started school in January 2020 and by now had gotten into the routine of school, playground and friends since the only major interactions with anyone else to that point would have been with ‘me’. See what I did there? FOCUS!

Anyway, I’m going to pause here to address one burning topic, one that I know a lot of people are interested in. Since my life and that of my family is so interesting (not). The issue of why Sio does not have a sibling ‘by now’. We are open to donations. You just have to put in the work. Link me pon a one a way and we can discuss moulds, financial support, diapers etc etc. For now Sio is an only child and that’s just that.

Back to March 6, 2020, 1st Sports day for Sio and I was the proudest dad in the whole place. She didn’t win any of her races but she dam well had fun completing them and that is the sort of tenacity I want for my baby. 

We’re at March 7 now, pay attention!

Sio became ill. At this point I felt as if there was an emerging pattern of her illness since she started school 3 months prior. It almost felt as if she became ill every other week/weekend which I found a little odd. She was ill through to March 9, 2020, a Monday. I decided I’d have her stay home for that Monday as she started to regain some sort of normalcy. It is important to note that no other part of ‘me’ (glad you’re paying attention) became ill and there was no report of illness in the school community. Ok, that last one I didn’t actively check on but over the next 14 days, there was no report of… Never mind, she was ill.

It’s now Tuesday March 10, 2020 and I am driving to work. Now, if you know me, you also know I am a stickler for routine. So the moment something changes it becomes apparent. There was something strikingly different about my commute to work that morning and by the time I drove in to the hospital compound it became clear. 

All of a sudden there are changes to our daily routine, there is now a stay at home/work from home order and schools are closed. We are now bunking together and preparing for a summer hibernation. We’ve gone from freedom to walk in and out of supermarkets and stores to making supply runs like we’d see on The Walking Dead. 

There were moments during that time that I feel like I’ve betrayed Sio, not allowing her to go to school, having gone from being home all day every day, to going to school, to being back to being at home, all before developing sibling would still be in an embryonal phase.

So yea, I spilled milk in January. It spilled over the keyboard of a new Macbook and I thought shiiiiiit. I have final exams in a few months and I’ve just watch the only working computer, used between my studying and my wife’s work, slowly lose life and the doctor in me could do nothing about it. So could 2020 get worse than me spilling milk on my Macbook? 

Fucking eh!

Xo, Dr. Boobles



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