4 Types of Vision Boards You Can Make

Have you ever given any thought to the kinds of vision boards you can create? Most people I know don’t think about doing more than one type of vision board, but given how useful they can be, I was thinking, why tmake some things separate. I recall when I made my first vision board, I had all sorts of stuff on it. They ranged from personal to career, to marriage, long-term and short-term. As you can imagine, it got pretty crowded, although the board was pretty big.

The thing is, people, particularly young people (particularly millennials), are multi-dimensional. We typically have a lot going on in different areas of our lives. Sometimes, we happen to have a lot going on at any one time. Before we get to the general type of vision board, you can determine whether the goals you are looking at are long-term or short-term goals. That’s up to you whether you want to categorize and it’s not something you want to do if you have one or two of each. But you may consider it is there are a few.

Short-Term Goals

You don’t have to create a vision board every year. You can, but you don’t have to. The short term can range anywhere from six months to two years.

Long Term Goals

Long-term goals generally have a three to 10 years span. They are likely to be tied to time or other factors like a monetary investment for completion. They could be like pursuing educational buying property.

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4 Types of Vision Boards to Make in 2022

1. Personal Goals

A vision board for personal goals is more common. For this board, you ass things like your plans to travel, buy a vehicle, take courses, learn new skills, read books, complete your bucket list, etc.

2. Couple Vision Board

Committed couples have goals, no matter what stage of their relationship. Maybe you want to get married, travel, start a family. Whatever it is, you can

3. Career

Depending on your career, you may have a methodical way to achieve your goals. Why wouldn’t your put them on your board? I advocate for adding Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound (SMART). This method can be useful here.

4. Business

The same goes for business. The development of business strategy can be broken down into a plant that can be followed to business goals.

Of course, this is a suggestion. Maybe one giant vision board does more for your than compartmentalize

Have you ever done different types of vision boards? What’s on your board for 2022?

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