My Stovetop Christmas Dinner Menu, for One

Christmas Dinner Menu

When my friend asked me what was on our Christmas dinner menu this week, I said nothing. I had no plan to cook. For the first time in my 30+ years, I plan to spend Christmas day alone. As with many other things, I wondered if it would lift my spirits or make me feel worse on Christmas day. Plus, (and I asked my friend this), what kind of Christmas dinner am I making on a two-burner stovetop? I can’t bake anything, so what would I make?

Usually, my family and I would split dinner items and bring them together to complete the meal, so I have never cooked a full Christmas dinner by myself… I don’t think. Anyway, it got me thinking. In my family group, they are planning the dinner menu and outfit coordination without me.

It made me sad (in my Sio voice) so I thought, what if I coordinated, too? I mean, I can prop em up on my computer right? While it won’t be the same, it’s worth a shot. So, I got to thinking, I might as well cook. Experiment. I pondered a bit trying to figure out what I can make myself for a stove-top Christmas dinner?

I still haven’t figured out the area I live in yet, but from what other Jamaicans around have told me, the one store here is not it. Maybe I will have to head into the city to find one (or not) so maybe, I’ll make my menu and see what I can do. I do t know that it’ll work out, but I’m going to try.

My Stovetop Christmas Dinner Menu

I’ll likely be eating this for a few days since it’s just me, so I figure if I do end up with too much food, it’ll last me a few days. That’s actually a win. So here is my proposal for a stovetop Christmas dinner menu for one.


I want sorrel. I crave that dark, rich, spicy, strong Jamaican sorrel drink with red label wine, not rum. Ideally, it would be made weeks in advance. That means I would want to brew it myself. So I am on the hunt for sorrel.

Otherwise, it’ll be lemonade and ice tea. And a bottle of wine. Maybe.

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Meat-wise I thought basic was best. So this is what I’m going with.

  • Pork Chops (Still debating the how)
  • Fried Chicken
  • Pan seared fish fillet


I feel like I could have a little more fun with sides. Sure am can’t bake Mac and cheese or sweet potato bake,

  • Kidney beans/Gungo Peas and rice
  • Garlic Mashed potatoes
  • Yam salad


  • Shredded vegetables
  • Green (string) beans

So that’s what I’m thinking I’ll have for dinner. Maybe I’ll change my mind and order junk food. Or have tea and crackers. Who knows? I guess we’ll see.

What is on your Christmas dinner menu this year? Would you try making a stovetop Christmas dinner? Let me know in the comments!

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