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DIY Beauty tips are essential, wouldn’t you agree? I’ve often heard that I am the kind of woman one would label as high maintenance. See, this isn’t true. Sure, I like to look good, but truthfully speaking, what woman doesn’t? Don’t we all feel a little better with fresh nail polish, recently done hair, symmetrical brows and freshly shaved legs? These are the things that make me feel so very woman! Often times, we attribute having ourselves put together with being financially well off. But that’s not necessarily the case. There are some very common household items and practices that can help you to stay awesome and feeling well put together, even under the stifling economy.


Some women are perfectly contented to simply keep their nails short, clean and well-shaped with perhaps a coat of clear polish. Clean nails are always a plus. If you are contented with this look, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. A bottle of clear nail polish, a nail clip, buffer and a bottle of remover won’t cost you J$500 and these are all re-usable items.

If you are like myself, who prefer ‘done up’ nails, there is the option to polish your own nails. Now, this will take a little practice and a steady hand, but the results are worth it. You would need to spend a little on a few bottles of nail polish, however, this offers you the freedom to change your colour as many times as your heart is content with. You can also swap colours with girlfriends and family members to keep it interesting. I haven’t had extensions, gel or acrylic on my nails since July 2015. And the only thing I can say I truly miss is a good solid French do. (Yes, I’m a french nails lover). In this case, if you do not have naturally hard nails, a nail hardener is your best friend! U may have to shop around for one that is a worthy brand (L.A. Colors make awesome ones for cheap), but you will be so much happier for it. You could also opt to make your own hardener at home. I’ve been doing this since I was 15 and first decided I do not care for short nails.

How To: DIY Nail Hardener

Take a clove of garlic and chop it in pieces big enough to go into a nail polish bottle. Drop the garlic into a bottle of clear nail polish and have it sit for about a week. Voila! You now have nail hardener that cost you next to nothing, hardened nails, to polish as often as you wish and ever-changing nails!


This one is not a one size fits all because, well, we all have different skin types. If you feel the need to relax with the occasional facial mask, there are a few items around your house that can help you. Although it’s a general DIY beauty tip, remember to adjust t match your skin needs.


Alcohol  (Rubbing) or Apple Cidar Vinegar diluted/undiluted  (depending on what your skin can handle) can be applied to a cotton ball and used as an astringent. You may want to do this twice a week if you are using them undiluted or everyday diluted with water.


Egg white, lime/lemon juice, banana. Wear this mask on freshly cleansed face for 15 minutes to half an hour. Then rinse with water.


Egg white, sugar/baking soda, olive/coconut  oil. Make into a paste and gently work over face for 3-5 minutes. Rinse with water.

**Baking soda can also be used on its own with water as a scrub.

Facial Steaming

You can cleanse your face, add coconut/olive oil and hold your face over a bowl of hot water (BE CAREFUL NOW!) with a towel covering your head and bowl to trap the steam. This is not only a great way to open up your pores, you can use this remedy to release congestion!


Did you know that a bottle of stale beer makes a great treatment for relaxed hair? It does! Add the beer to your hair after shampooing and cover with a plastic cap/bag for 45 minutes without heat and 15 minutes with heat. Your hair will thank you for it! Vinegar makes a great stripping agent for build up on relaxed or natural hair. You may use white or apple cider vinegar after shampooing and before conditioning.

Spoiled Mayonnaise makes a great protein treatment along with eggs, conditioners and olive/coconut oil. You may apply to dry or wet hair. Apply the mixture to hair and cover with a plastic cap for 45 minutes without heat. Shampoo hair as normal.

Hope you find these useful ladies!

Xo, Shan

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