​10 Things No one Tells You About Your Wedding Day

As with many things I have learned since adulthood, there are truly very many things about the big events of a woman’s life no one tells her until she’s face to face with the situation. Here are a few things you might want to keep in mind if you will be tying the knot soon.

1. You will be TIRED. Between all the last minute details to get done and trying to relax,  you won’t  have enough time to scratch your rear. By the time my wedding got to the reception, I was so hungry and tired that I might have opted to go home if it wasn’t my wedding!

2. Everything is more expensive at the mention of the word ‘wedding’. Now we got lucky and my wedding was a gifted free fairytale event, but when I was engaged and shopping around, I found it fascinating that if I didn’t mention wedding I’d get one price, and when I did to the same company, I was looking at JMD$50, 000 – $100, 000 more! How?? And why??

3. In Jamaica, a ‘traditional’ wedding cake is a fruit cake. To my horror, choices like vanilla or red velvet carried a hefty price tag as the wedding cake already does.  It’s also tradition to freeze a piece of your cake for consumption on your first anniversary. I still don’t know how I feel about that!

4. Heels are NOT practical for the entire shindig. Get you a pair of cute flats! It’s at least half a day of standing and walking. I love my heels as much as the next girl, but people really should offer a heads up on this!

5. That wedding dress is HEAVY! When you are choosing the dress you will hardly notice this, focusing on that beautiful texture and to die for fit and flair. That’s because you will only wear it for a few minutes each time before the actual day. When you start to clock in at 4 or 5 hours, you will notice!

6. The great wedding night is overrated and may or may not to occur. Did I mention how TIRED you will be?? You will likely need to be very committed and focused to get it done! I didn’t realize this until I was alone with my husband for the first time and thinking about the all sorts of hot he looked in his suit!

7.  You will not see everyone who came to support you and celebrate with you. Between all the other monumental happenings around you, it’s unlikely you will have the opportunity to give everyone your attention.

8. Cocktail hour is NOT for you. Between simply having someone shove a glass of champagne in my hand and being redirected for photos before I could grab an hors d’oeuvre, and people trying to congratulate me, I pretty much chugged. Yes, I chugged!

9.Your face will hurt from all the smiling. Of course you are naturally happy and in a good mood, but you will have a camera shoved in your face from every direction at all times for hours on end and since you do want to look like you feel when looking back, you smile. And your face goes numb by the end of it all.

10. It will be over much too quickly. While it goes on, you will feel the length of the event. However, on your wedding night or the next day, you will realize just how much you did for one day, and how swiftly it all became a memory! I would get married every year if I could. It was an exciting time!




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