5 Interesting Things That Happened To Me During Pregnancy

1. My feet grew

As much as I would like to tell you this isn’t something that bothers me, it most definitely does. My feet grew. They hang off all my sandals and my closed up shoes feel like I borrowed them and they’re so tight, even my lungs rebel.  (Young gal wear yuh size!). I was originally a 7, it would appear I am now size 8 and only own 2 pairs of shoes. Someone could have told me growing feet were a thing. I expected swollen, (which, ironically, I haven’t  gotten) , but growth? Well then!

Apparently, I get to blame that on the hormone relaxin for loosening ligaments. I’ll hang on to my shoes a while longer though, see if it’s temporary. A girl can dream, right?

2. Learned 80% of spending wasn’t actually on the baby.

As first time parents, one of the things I quickly realized was that 80% of the preparations we needed to make was not actual baby items or on the baby. (Weird I know). It was lot more costly to get our space ready to include another person permanently than it was buying    the baby stuff. A significant amount of preparations were so that our space would comfortable for us with a baby in it. We needed to ‘make space‘ in our lives if you will. And that ladies and gentlemen, is what’s expensive. Making your space baby friendly when you didn’t have kids prior. How come there aren’t pamphlets with these things?

3. I Lost My Mouth Filter

How do I say this diplomatically,  I don’t give a flying fart. Now, I’ve always been very opinionated and vocal, particularly in the company of peers. (You guys kbow I’m shy and quiet around strangers. Ha!) But I find I have an almost uncontrollable urge to say exactly how I feel when I feel it. That’s not particularly cool when you have to adult and mind the feelings of others, at least feign diplomacy and be cordial and such. I could really take very little crap from folks before, but since being pregnant, It’s been decidedly harder. I’ve certainly verbally lashed a few more folks than I’m used to. Yikes!

4. Pregnancy (Baby) Brain Is A Real Thing

This isn’t even funny. I felt (and continue) to feel so out of socket. There would be days I would do something like completely forget what I’m talking about in the the middle of a conversation. Then there were days when I would search for my phone and locate it in the refrigerator, or find the salt there, or check the garbage because I couldn’t locate a plate a was sure I was supposed to be washing. And then there were more dangerous days, when I would  forget I was cooking or even that I had started and go off to take a nap. The utensils population in my kitchen has suffered a severe decline in forks during this unfortunate time, which I think my husband was all too happy about my realizing I was the cause.

5. Perpetual Sweating

(Eww, I know.) All the time, everywhere, at the slightest movement, my skin gushes water. I had initially thought that was summer’s doing, but it’s not.  Even in air conditioning specific areas of my churn out water for what seems like a absolutely no reason. Never mind a room temperature room. As a person who rarely sweated before, it’s no joy to always be wet in embarrassing patches before you arrive at your destination, no matter where it  is or how short the journey. I may have showered more in the past few months than in my entire life! And it almost just never feels like enough.

Bottom line, there are some things you’ll not hear about until you are having your own experience.



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