Becoming Mother: The First Month

My baby is so tiny and stinking cute! Of course, I’m aware this is more than a little bit influenced by my exponentially biased ‘mom glasses’. But who cares, cya tell me notn. Mi baby a tek life! Lol


On a more serious note though, she is such a beautiful blessing and even so one of my greatest fears come true. The unbelievable suction power within those beautiful, tiny cheeks when applied to such a sensitive body part can only be described as  absolutely vicious. I have a ‘barracuda baby’. Rather than open and close her mouth over an all too sensitive nipple for a good latch, she tends to want to suck it in until she’s properly latched (She’s such a lady) and let me tell you, it is definitely not the most painless activity.  We’ve tried everything to get her to open wider for the breast, but it’s just not happening. The good news is they’re hurting less with time but I kid you not, it still hurts. It is, however, early days yet. Something that helped me cope is nipple cream. So if you’re having trouble with sore nipples or planning to breastfeed, please accept my humble and very strong recommendation of Lansinoh Lanolin nipple cream. I heard  it’s great for chapped lips and tried it. God bless the woman who created this product.


The cuteness and bonding, if I can make it through the above, is in holding my baby lovingly in my arms. Providing her nourishment  and comfort. Feeling her soft skin and squirms,  hearing her coos, smelling her Pepperseed smell… Giving her my silent vow that as long as there is life within me, I will move mountains and cross seas to protect her, reminding her she is above all else cherished, asking God’s unfailing guidance and protection.

She stares at me a lot now that her eyes are able to focus some. She looks so curious, and as though she’s making mental notes of me and registering my face. I love it.

She’s a daddy’s girl. My husband is definitely better at putting her to bed than I am. I put her to bed and she’s wide awake in a few minutes. He does it and she stays asleep. They chill a lot.  It’s very cute to watch.


On a lighter note, my body is slowly returning to normal, if a little scarred from the battle of carrying a life. Dropped 20 lbs the first week. I started at around 128 lbs and peaked at around 162 lbs. That’s over 40 lbs total gain including what I gained after losing some when I was sick in the first trimester. My tummy is making its way down as my uterus shrinks back into place. Breastfeeding is helping and the contractions that first week were no joke! I thought those would be gone once baby came out. No dice.

All in all, its worth it though,since I can’t waist train back to a flat tummy like I had planned to do what with a c section and all. At least, not yet. So I’m happy for nature’s swift assistance there. I admit, I always thought the whole “breastfeeding helps your tummy go down” was a hoax… or at least with slow and/or negligible results. I will happily concede it is not. It really is true. The darkness of my tummy is also getting better with time.

Pretty sure that Pepperseed thinks of me as the holy milk bearer.  She demands her milk when she’s hungry. No playing around so, at least for a while the boobage aren’t my own. I’ll be back to a size 3 or 4 in no time I think.


One month down, a lifetime to go… 

All in all, I honestly cannot believe a month went by that fast. She’s so much bigger than at birth. She’s gonna be a little busy body I chase around in no time.



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