Becoming Mother: 3 Months Update

So much has happened in the land of new motherhood since my last blog post, it’s very hard to believe its only been 14 weeks (or 101 days). My life before giving birth has actually started to blur already. (Whadya know?) Siobhán‘s hit  a few milestones already and has me feeling like I’ll blink and she’ll be trying to turn 18 and trying to move out. (Over my dead body). I guess she didn’t get the ‘be my baby forever memo’. She’s growing up too fast.

Baby Update

You guys know her as Pepperseed or Baby Reid, but since she’s been here she has been Shiv, Shivy, Meeme, Putt Putt, Mus Mus, Babble Baby… you get the picture. I sincerely doubt she’ll lose any traction from the growing list of adorable nicknames any time soon.

  • She’s still being exclusively breastfed. There are less tears (from me) than there were initially. Thank God for that. She’s hardly ever bottle fed with expressed milk. I want to start changing that soon, but honestly, I love our bonding time.
  • She’s gained quite a few pounds, wearing some clothes sized six months old. She’s definitely pedalling through clothes and diapers sizes. I’d wager she’s pushing 14 or 15 lbs by now.
  • She sleeps throughout the night now (except for feedings) but hardly takes daytime naps anymore.
  • She loves the cell phone. She goes still as soon as it’s being pointed at her, as though she recognizes it. She loves it when the phone talks to her. (Video calls). She actually prefers them.
  • She prefers sitting positions and is as curious as ever.
  • You won’t believe it, but little Miss catches an attitude after I’ve combed her hair. Can you believe it?

We’re at that stage where her arms work just enough to go in the general direction she wants them to more often than not, and she is quite the grabber when her little arms meet their target. It’s also that time where her hands are quite delicious, and everything must be tasted.

One of my best moments as a new mother happened this week when she started to babble without coersion. Put her down and she starts to entertain herself with babble conversations or just the sound of her own voice. She’s also laughing out loud when something is especially entertaining.

Mommy Update

So it has been 3 months and while many things are on their way back the norm, many aren’t. I am still having to ride that patience train and it is less than fun.

  • Tummy. Yes, it is still very much present and while I really, really want to start exercising, let’s just say I lack the motivation to commit to the pain and exhaustion that will follow.
  • Stretch Marks. They are fading. I would really like them to go a bit faster, but they are going, so I won’t complain.
  • Skin. No, my skin has not returned to normal. It is still presenting as dry, and I am facing an onslaught of breakouts, which is unusual for me. Hopefully this will correct itself soon.
  • Postpartum Shedding. Yes, the horrid post pregnancy shedding has started. My edges are noticabley thinner. I really hope it will stop soon.
  • Back pain. It’s still very prominent. I can get away with doing some household chores, but for every one day of physical labour, I pay for it for a week. That is certainly no fun.
  • Sleep. I am always tired, having never getting enough sleep, especially now that I am working from home and being a full time mother. I have this horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach that I won’t ever get enough sleep ever again.
  • Work. It is that point where I have to start working again. I’ve chosen to pursue freelancing full time , as well as start a business, but the rigors of all that while being Siobhán’s primary caregiver will eventually become a challenge. It remains to be seen whether I go back tp pursuing a  9-5, but regardless, no more 40 hour work week in this department.



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