FOOD: Tamarind Continental 

It’s weird, I have been to the Tamarind Indian Cuisine restaurant in Liguanea a number of times, possibly the China Max Chinese restaurant beside it as well but somehow managed to not have noticed the extension Tamarind Continental. How I missed that there is a third restaurant in that tiny space is beyond me. We visited on Mother’s Day and the service is pretty good, the same as Tamarind Indian Cuisine since the two restaurants seemed to share staff.

Un-appetizing Appetizer? 

The meal started off with us ordering Cream of Chicken with Fresh Herbs soup.  I admit that I could hardly contain my face when the plate arrived, and the waitress burst out laughing as she tried to reassure me by saying:

It tastes better than it looks. Just try it, you’ll see.”

I looked at it some more. It was green. I don’t profess to be any kind of health nut, and any attempts I have ever made at green juice was made with staunch opposition from my taste buds and stomach. I couldn’t pawn it off on my husband because he’d ordered the same thing. Tentatively, I tried it.

The waitress was right. It had a creamy kick to it that wakes tastebuds and was very good. Though at first glance it looked to be just thick liquid, at the bottom of the dish layed chunks and crumbs of tender, white chicken as an unexpected surprise, much like extra fries at the bottom of the bag. It was delightful, however, by the time I finished my soup I knew I was in trouble for the rest of the meal. My old appetite is slowly making its way back to normal, recovering from pregnancy, and it’s very rare if ever that I can finish a three-course meal. I was almost full by the time I finished with my appetizer.

Main Course 

Like I mentioned, I figured I would be unable to eat much of the main course when it arrived and that was exactly the case, though the serving wasn’t large. I had ordered Smoked Pork Chops in Apple Mustard Sauce served with a side of mashed potatoes and grilled vegetables along with Garlic Bread with Cheese.

I had a half a pork chop, some mashed potatoes, vegetables, and one slice of bread before I caved. When I moved to tell my husband that I had in fact ‘buss’ ( reached my limit), he replied with “Oh, I know.“, shaking his head.

It was a delicious meal, the pork tender and flavorful, mashed potatoes light, herby and fluffy and the vegetable light, crunchy and fresh.


 Though small, it didn’t feel like neighbours were too close. Even with a conversation at several tables, we were still able to hear each other across the table.
It’s a nice little date spot in the middle of the town.

I recommend it.




  • Live so near and yet I’ve never eaten at any of the 3 mentioned…something else always tops the list of new places to try. At least now I have a recommendation, maybe will visit sooner than later.

    • Shandean™

      Get carry out food at the Tamarind Indian Cuisine one quite frequently. I just know how I didn’t know.

  • Renegade Expressions

    I have dined at the Tamarind Indian Cuisine before. I remember the food being delicious and the servings large.

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