3 Things I’ve Noticed Since Starting My Novel

I’ve mentioned before, however, passively that I’m writing a book. Well, it’s true! It’s one of those fanciful somethings I’ve always wanted to do but never given any serious thought to (Much like having a cozy reading nook with a library and a view in my dream house) until last year. I realized there was nothing stopping me from doing exactly that, so rather than another short story, I started. We are about six (6) months and 20,000 words deep at this point and I think it’s going well. Some days, it’s spitting out the ideas and other days it’s fleshing, moulding, editing and shaping those ideas. I’m thriving on the encouragement of those close to me right now. It’s very much needed. All of a sudden, I think my storytelling skills suck. The unwavering support of my loved ones is unmatched. I’m grateful for it.


I have learned and noticed a few things. Hopefully, sharing them might help the knot in my stomach.

Letting My Imagination Reign 

I’ve always had a very vivid imagination. Pictures stay with me for a long time and quite often when enough time has passed, I may be unable to determine whether I memory I have of a particular storyline is part of a movie I watched or imagery complied through reading. This probably accounts for my love of historical romance novel. I get to mentally compile the imagery myself. Unfortunately, though, I’m experiencing some internal war with pouring out some of my conjoured scenes for others to read. I suppose I am shy about laying my soul so bare.

If I pour too much of the essence of me, Shandean, onto a page, will I be judged? I recall on several occasions reading books that were so well, or unusually written, that I spent a decent amount of time reflecting on the soul of the author and what lead them to write a particular story or scene. Would the people reading my book reflect on me like that? All of a sudden, writing a book doesn’t seem so impersonal. It’s real. It’s…. me! The thought makes me squirm in discomfort. I know I’m sort of weird. Lord knows my people comment on it enough. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a trait I’m proud of. I’m just anxious about sharing some of the thoughts I have. Especially thinking about my parents and my granny reading some of those things. #Yikes!

Writing In ONE Tense

I’m not kidding. You have to pick ‘a’ tense. Writing in present or past. Then actively pay attention to writing tens of thousands of words in it. I’m paying close attention because I don’t want an editing mess with the finished product. Also, that self-publishing is an option. I really want this to reflect that it’s a labour of love. It certainly isn’t something you think about when you’re on the reading end of things.

Are They Lying To Me?

I’m a little paranoid and tempted to think my loved ones are lying with the excitement of what I’ve written thus far. It’s not like I don’t trust them, I just know it’s natural for people who care about you to want to protect your feelings. Hurt me with the truth, just don’t comfort me with a lie. I even asked a friend, Colette, that and was promptly cussed for thinking she wouldn’t tell me if it sucked. Lol! But would they tell me if it sucked really, really badly? Would they even read it? Because, I mean, if the people who care about you won’t even read it, would anyone else? Like I mentioned, all of a sudden I have to think about all the other artfully designed literary pieces out there that mine will have to compete with. When that happens I feel two feet tall and my pride is bruised.

So I’m wading through the waters of my titleless first work of art. She is affectionately called ‘Book‘ at this point. Wish me luck!

Edit: March 27,2018

Book now has a name! The Dangerous Business Of Pleasure.

The Dangerous Business Of Pleasure will be released on August 9, 2018.




  • Colette Strauss

    Those that truly love you won’t ever lie to you. Most importantly trust yourself. You started writing with no one’s approval and have been doing an amazing job thus far. #self approved !

    • Shandean™

      That’s one way to think of it. Thanks!

  • I enjoyed reading this very much. I’m sure Book will be a great read and your family & friends aren’t lying. Enjoy letting your imagination go wild. Yes, when I buy and read your book I’ll analyze and reflect and replay it in my head after tbh but that’s not a bad thing. 🙂

  • UninspiredWriter

    Great post, I too have battled the ‘tense’ thing, always having to concentrate in staying in past or present! Best of luck with your ongoing writing x

  • Alexis Chateau

    What kind of story are you writing? I had no idea you were into writing fiction. You should consider joining #turtlewriters/@turtlewriters on Twitter for moral support. 😊

    • Shandean™

      Thanks, I will. Definitely, need it! It’s sort of a modern-day drama/romance. There’s also a little erotica and mystery in there. I guess I have just been letting the story roll out. Not much thought of genre.

      • Alexis Chateau

        Interesting. I find women tend to gravitate towards those themes. I wonder what a male romance novel is like lol. Probably absolutely terrible based on how relationships work in their books.

        My WIP is political fiction/spy/suspense thriller.

      • Shandean™

        I understand, perhaps it’s what we understand best. I can’t wait to read yours. And reflect on your soul 😂

      • Alexis Chateau

        Haha, reflect on my soul she says. It might scare you! I’ve been told it’s pretty dark.

      • Shandean™

        Lol! I look forward to it!

  • jstlouise

    Just keep going and don’t let your fears get in the way… That’s what I’m having to learn. It’s not easy! But, I find I’m fighting with “instant gratification” in wanting to show people what I work on.

    It’s important to let it out and then bring it in. Tangents lead to hidden memories. Thanks for following back–takecare TTFN

    • Shandean™

      Thank you! I am definitely making headway 🙂

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