Guest Post: First Time They Travel Without… Me

Having seen my wife’s blog post about her first time traveling alone with our frisky three year old daughter, I’ve decided I will share my side of the story. The husband, left soaked in tears, I mean rain :-), in the airport.

Ok, now, first of all, we usually travel together, as a family. Even with two sets of hands and four sets of eyes, Sio is incredibly slippery and I knew for a fact, based on past experiences that at some point in the journey, she would give up on walking. She’s now three, perfectly capable of handling herself but when she says no, that’s it.

The good thing about Sio is that she loves to travel. Car or plane, she is here for it. She’s never been the miserable infant or toddler on any journey. In fact, if she was the only baby on a flight, you’d never even notice she was there.

My major concern was that Shan may not have been able to manage. What am I talking about?! Shan’s been with me for ages and put up with me, of course she could! Silly me.

Anyway, here goes. Walked in to the check-in counter, after a few minutes of checks and balances and the young lady obviously babbling on pronouncing Siobhán (you all should know by now is pronounced Shivaun), everything was set. Walking up to that first security check point was simply one of the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I felt that Sio sensed what was about to happen, but her desire for exploration simply must be filled.

The moment she pulled Shan and I together, like she’s done so many times before, was the moment it really hit me. Now, I know this is for a short time, but Shan and I have never been apart for more than a couple weeks at any one time during our 8 year relationship (out of necessity rather than choice) and I’ve never been away from both my ladies for more than one week! I never imagined it would be easy but just letting them go was harder than I imagined. I’m a meticulous person, sometimes too much for my own good. I often play out situations in my mind, over and over with different scenarios. But for some things, no matter how much you prepare, sometimes it just doesn’t go how you want it to.

Watching my two ladies walk away from me, is not it!

They both got to the first checkpoint and Sio turned and yelled “Bye, Daddy!”, waved, and they were on their way. Now at this point, I will pause to just address something. It’s very unfortunate that some kids are not blessed with two incredible parents, to love and care for them 24/7. It’s very unfortunate that many fathers don’t play a bigger, better role in their child’s life. I already made this promise to myself, not my child!


As they walked away from the first security checkpoint, my knees got weak, my eyes began to swell. I hate onions! Damn, it! In an airport?! Come on people!

I felt so helpless at that point. I cannot hold them, feel them, kiss them. I had to sit down! I called the one person I knew would understand and I sobbed over the phone. I could not hold it in. I don’t know if Shan did the same. Perhaps, perhaps not; but she doesn’t know this happened. I tell you, I couldn’t handle that one point in my life.

Those two are the motivation that keeps me going daily. After a long day at work, Sio running out to hug me and Shan at the door with a big grin, is what I look forward to on a daily basis. All of these things flashed in my mind.

Then the rain started!

I stayed in the airport for the duration, til I knew the plane was mid air! After trying around five or six apps, I have “Flightradar24” app to thank for keeping me updated about the flight!

I got home to find the mess Sio made before she left and I think Shan left onions out as well. Damn!

Anyway, big up my celebrity wife!

Till next time, Mr. Shandean Reid signing out, soaked in… in the rain!

Xo, Dr. Boobles



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