First Time Flying Solo with my Toddler

The other day, the need arose for my daughter and I to travel alone. Up until that time, we travelled as a family. My husband was a tad concerned, asking numerous times if I was sure I’d be okay mostly because our child is frisskkyy! In addition, she behaves like a banshee when she’s tired. Well, going solo definitely wasn’t my first choice, however, it has to happen sometime, right?

The trip was a short one and a half hour flight, but for the most part, the ride wasn’t as tough as I had prepared for it to be. So, I thought I would share how I went about preparing for and executing this feat.

Pack Lightly

Instead of packing two separate check-in bags, I packed a single large suitcase for our stuff, even though the trip is fairly lengthy. I packed extremely lightly for myself and the fact that my daughter is potty trained meant there were no diapers to worry about, like on previous trips. (Come on, somebodaay!)

There is one caveat though. My daughter is a Nestum lover and will only drink the Wheat & Fruits flavor. So, I did squeeze a dozen 9.5oz cans in there, along with nine 14.11oz packs of Vanilla flavored Lasco to be on the safe side. We were slightly overweight and removed one Lasco from the suitcase to be able check it. I also checked her car seat.

Additionally, I packed a small toddler travel bag and let her bring her cute little knapsack (which I rightly anticipated I would end up carrying as well). I wanted very little in my hands because, well, did I mention how frisky my kid is? Also, with three year olds, they get tired, and I figured that at some point I would be carrying the bags in addition to a thirty-five pound kid in my arms. Again, so said, so done, but Mama was ready!

Because Baby should be strapped in, too.

Be Prepared

In the tiny carry-on, I put in one of her favorite blankets and her favorite doll (which I also ended up carrying in my arms). I fed her a bottle just before we left home, and had one ready in my ‘magic’ bag (You can bring a bottle on the plane if the ‘formula’ is already mixed; but she had it by the time we were heading through security. I also brought a fairly weighty snack she loves, chocolate flavored Pediasure milk.

For entertainment, I packed a colouring book and some crayons as a last resort that things went awry. My Plan A though, was downloading a couple episodes of her favorite show, Peppa Pig, in the Netflix App. Idc! Idc! Idc! I know my kid, and I had to whip that bad boy out within the first ten minutes on the tarmac and it worked like a charm. My baby dutifully watched her show, played with her blanket and on occasion paused it to take in what was going on outside.

After landing, immigration was a breeze. I spent longer waiting on my bags than I did coming through. Then I packed everything on a cart (including my kid) and headed out.

Notes for Next Time

I need me a Momma travel knapsack to replace the handbag + carry-on. Even though my bags were small and not heavy, it was a bit of a juggle when Tibbs decided she was tired, so I’m definitely getting one of those. The last time I owned a knapsack was in high school,  and even then I never really wore iton my back, but hey! My tip to moms is, you know your children; what calms them, what they like, their tendencies. Plan with them in mind.

P.S. I also ‘popped’ her ears for her every so often. After a while when she made the connection, she did it herself when she needed to.

How was your first solo trip? Do you have any tips to share? Im still learning and want to bea ready going through the phases and stages.

Until next time…

Xo, Shandean

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